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It must be the ultimate test of man and machine. Hardware that can operate successfully in the extreme conditions of Mount Everest can truly claim to be Ruggedised.

Specialist camera operator Andy Milk was asked to set up equipment for the making of a documentary covering Bear Grylls’ world altitude record in a paramotor high above the Himalayas, with the flight going up to 30,000ft.

Solid state recording equipment, sealed and specifically designed to operate in harsh conditions is the only option in such demanding circumstances. Stack’s Digital Video Recorder (DVR) is housed inside a Ruggedised and sealed enclosure, specifically designed and manufactured to protect the unit in harsh and extreme environments. The unit is compact and durable with no moving parts (other than the sealed flash card access door), and is capable of operating where normal VCRs or DV recorders are not. Originally built to withstand the rigours of Motorsport, with its extreme temperatures and continual shock and vibration, Stack's DVR is ideal for whenever recording is needed in harsh environment .

Analog and Digital Ltd. supplied the Stack DVR's to filmakers making the documentary to be broadcast later this year on Britain's Channel 4.

Bear Grylls became the first man to successfully fly a powered paraglider over the world’s highest peak on May 14, 2007. The paramotor that was entirely designed and built by Gilo Cardozo.The sponsor for the first flight over Mount Everest by powered paraglider was GKN, the global automotive and aerospace engineering group.,It hopes to raise $1 million for global good causes, in this case the Global Angels Foundation – a registered charity – to help children in Africa.


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