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Digital Video-Logger
For high quality video recordings on the move, the miniature Solid-State Digital Video-Loggers (DVLs) from Stack provides the optimum solution and is specifically designed for use in harsh environments. Stack’s second generation video recorders have the same quality, reliability and compact design of the original Stack DVR, but now come in an expanded range designed meet the most demanding requirements for video recording applications - and the ability to record data!.


Synchronized Video Logging
Synchronized Video Logging integrate data logging with a lap-by-lap video comparison, completely redefining on-vehicle Data Logging. Stack DVLs have a built-in CAN interface, enabling connection to one or more Stack data expansion modules or a third party ECU, to provide synchronous video and audio recording with up to 128 data channels.

Data Overlay
Data Overlay enables data from the DVL's CAN and/or GPS sources, together with the internal 3-axis g-sensor, to be overlaid on the recorded video image. Positioning the data on the image is simple, using the drag-and-drop PC configuration software.


Stack also produce video products specifically designed for test and engineering or non-automotive Applications. Please click for details.

It's a visual age...

Of the five senses we use every day, we rely most on our sense of sight. Our eyesight provides some 80% of the information we take in. Our eyes provide quick, natural perceptual processes in the service of analysing data from the world around us. Half of the human brain is dedicated to visual processing, Stack has understood this from the start: our displays are clear and uncluttered.

Video adds an exciting new dimension to Data Logging offering a fresh and innovative approach to the way racing drivers and team engineers are able to analyse the car and driver performance during a race or training session.

Adding synchronized video footage to data recorded from a vehicle is the most significant advance in motorsport Data Logging in the last 10 years. Drivers, driver coaches and race engineers can for the first time visually review what happened on-track, and accurately compare driving techniques and driven lines.

With Synchronized Video-Logging, it is possible for the first time to run a side-by-side synchronized video and data comparison of any 2 runs from the days racing, and visually see and understand exactly what is happening at any given point on the track or stage.


Stack DVLs

Stack Digital Video-Loggers can record data as well as video, in one compact unit, for the ultimate in Synchronized Video-Logging!

Stack DVLs can be connected directly to any Stack Dash Display or Data logging system by CAN Bus. Up to 128 channels of data, including GPS and the internal
3-axis g-sensor channels, can be recorded with the video and audio. The recorded MPEG2 file can be played back directly on a DVD player or any PC media player. Additionally the video and data can be viewed and analysed in the supplied Stack DataPro Analysis software.

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Frequently Asked Questions
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