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Corporate Customer Case Studies

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We would like to report on many more of our customers' succesful applications but cannot do so because of commercial confidentality agreements. Stack supply many of the top teams in motorsport as well as defence departments, emergency services and law-enforcement agencies across the world.


Individual Customers' Case Studies

René van Meurs: 1992 Toyota Celica GT-Four ‘Carlos Sainz’ limited edition

René van Meurs's goal was to build a street legal track day car, using high end parts only if possible, mainly from Japan.

His 1992 Toyota Celica GT-Four ‘Carlos Sainz’ limited edition (number 2433 out of 5000 ever made, worldwide) has ungone comprehensive improvements to achieve improve the power, handling and overall quality of the car.

The ST185 GT-Four, a winner in the 1992, 1994 and 1994 World Rally Championships is an all-time classic. René has worked hard on making his the ultimate GT-Four. Among the many high-end modifications to the car, he installed a STACK ST8130 display. René says he chose STACK for its known quality and for its use in the WRC Celicas and Japanese top tuner cars. He says the integrated dash display is the a perfect all in one solution allowing him to dispose of other additional gauges.

You can read more about René's "never ending" project on his website.

1992 Toyota Celica GT-Four �Carlos Sainz� limited edition


BFO Motorcycles: switchBlade

BFO Motorcycles: switchBladeEver since the early 90s, after graduating with a first class honours degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Abertay, Dundee, Steve Atkins has wanted to produce his own motorcycle.  While pursuing a successful career as a car designer at such prestigious companies as Peugeot, Jaguar and Aston Martin, he spent his spare time designing his own bike and four years ago built a first prototype.

Based on the Honda Fireblade, BFO manufactures a kit costing around £6,500 plus VAT and, within a month, converts the donor bike into a bespoke motorcycle called the ‘switch:BLADE�.

The machine sports a Stack ST700, an integrated dash display with analogue tacho which offers multiple gauges in one instrument - perfect for Superbikes!

Stack's ST700 on the switch:Blade

BFO: SwitchBlade


Harry Hockly Motorsport

Harry Hockly MotorsportOver the last 12 months Harry Hockly Motorsport have been developing a non-homologated Swift 06 rally car for tarmac and gravel use built in a variation of specifications from 1400 to 2ltr.

The Suzuki Swift 2.0ltr built for Simpson Motors (Barbados) includes a Stack integrated display system.

Harry Hockly Motorsport

Suzuki Swift 06


Oxford Motor Club

Neil Jones' Lancia Delta HF integraleIn September the Oxford Motor Club runs one of its two annual "flagship" events: the Bullnose Endurance Rally. It takes place in the lanes of (normally) Oxfordshire.

Stack's Neil Lewis is a long-standing member and these photographs were taken as he acted as course opener - part of his Clerk of the Course duties.

Oxford Motor Club
Photographs: Dave Shields of Devilgas Photography


American Racing Academy

American Racing Academy The American Racing Academy instructors use Stack's Data Logging system to give a completely accurate, lap by lap breakdown of student's on-track performance.

The American Racing Academy is based at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, 7055 Speedway Blvd., Suite E102, Las Vegas, NV 89115.

Unfortunately, the American Racing Academy ceased trading in July 2007. The Racing School is now operated by Mario Andretti Racing School.


David Jackson - OPeL PROJECT

David Jackson - OPeL PROJECT David "installed a Stack ST8130P Road/Rally Car Dash Display System. This display system is road legal, and I believe a similar system is installed in the Lotus Elise. This unit replaces all the original Manta GTE gauges and the additional gauges I have fitted over the years ."


Driver/Owner - Jon WolfeDriver/Owner - Jon Wolfe

Jon's Spitfire Race Car ( based on a 1967 MkIII) uses a Stack motor driven tacho with tell-tale, memory and shift light.


Bee-R / Power Vehicles

Power VehiclesFully built by GT-R specialists Bee-R for Power Vehicles, it sports a fully stripped interior, roll cage and custom dash as well as full Bee-R body parts including carbon front fenders - and Stack dash.

Photographs by Dino Dalle Carbonare


Project Fiesta XR2000 16V Click to enlarge

Race prepared 200 BHP 2000cc 16V Duratec powered Ford Fiesta XR2 Mk1, which is being campaigned at sprints across the UK in the British Sprint Championship. More information can be found at

The photograph shows a Stack ST-200 rev counter, and Stack digital stepper motor controlled water temperature, oil pressure, and voltage instruments.


John Castle's Ultima Sports

John Castle's Optima Sports

John Castle's Optima Sports privately built Ultima with Stack instrument pod.

The car is now owned by Ted Marlow of Ultima Sports.


Brian Hill's Toyota MR2

Brian Hill's Toyota MR2The gauge cluster in my MR2 is a product offered by Stack, Inc. in the UK. It is sometimes referred to as the SARD Stack in the JDM community, but such is not the case. SARD simply resold the Stack product. This cluster is quite common in Japan. I initially learned of the Stack product during my motorcycle racing days back in 1997-8.

Stack offers a variety of race display products for motorcycles as well as cars. The specific models that I have in the MR2 are the ST-8110SR Street Race Display in the dash and the ST-500 Tach Timer on the a-pillar. Both were purchased directly from Stack. At the time of purchase, the ST-8110SR was $2100.00, the ST-500 was $700, and I had an additional $200 in optional components. The housing for the ST-8110SR was custom made with fiberglass... All of that being said, I must say love the setup. The blue backlight at night is awesome. You will see this setup featured in the opening scenes of Apotheosis. It is the most commonly inquired about modifications and is my personal favorite.

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