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On this page, you'll find the issues customers raise most often when they call us or dealers for technical help. As you can see, most issues can be rectified easily. If your question isn't listed below, a more comprehensive troubleshooting guide is included in each product's manual which can be downloaded here.


Top 5 Customer Enquiries to Stack

Q. Where can find manuals to Stack products?
A. Manuals for STACK products can be found on our website, follow the menu drop-downs or go directly to:

Q. What number of cylinders is the Clubman compatible with?
A. The ST200 tachometer is configurable for cylinders up to the highest value the dial face will allow (i.e. 0-8000 will allow up to 8 cylinders, 0-4-10500 will allow up to 10 cylinders and 0-6-15000 will allow up to 15 cylinders).

Q. How can I add sensor inputs to my ST700?
A. To add optional sensor inputs onto an ST700 you would need to purchase an ST918049 harness and the necessary sensors. Analogue sensors for use with the ST700 end in K (i.e. ST745K).

Q. There’s no shift light on my Stack dash, can I add one?
A. The Street versions of the ST8100 dash series (ST8130, ST8110SR) do not have an internal shift light, as it is configured instead as a low fuel level warning light. The dash can however run an external shift light, including the Stack ST539 sequential shift light.

Q. I want to buy a Stack product, do I contact Stack directly?
A. Stack doesn't sell direct but through a network of dealers, distributors or Technical Agents. You'll find a listing at



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