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Lap Timing Systems 
ST543 Lap time system receiver
ST544 Lap time system beacon
ST546 Lap time system (ST543 & ST546)
Speed/Pulse Sensors (For use with the ST8800 Config. Dash Display System)
ST453 Boost sensor 0-35 bar
ST492 Pulse amplifier
ST670 Wheel speed sensor
0-5 Volt Analog Sensors
ST740 0-35 bar boost press sensor (1/8 NPTF)
ST747-1/8 0-150 psi (1/8 BSPT) solid-state pressure sensor
ST747-M10 0-150 psi M10) solid-state pressure sensor
ST749 Brake Pressure Sensor 100 bar (D-3)
ST991 Fluid temperature sensor 0-150°C (M6x1)
ST978 Rotary potentiometer 340 deg
ST979 Rotary pedal angle sensor with arm 1110deg
ST657 1 channel K-Type Thermocouple Interface 0-200°C 0-5V
ST658 1 channel K-Type Thermocouple Interface 0-1100°C 0-5V
Resistive Analog Sensors 
ST741 0-30 psi (M10) fluid pressure sensor
ST742 0-30 psi (1/8 NPTF) fluid pressure sensor
ST744 0-150 psi (M10) fluid pressure sensor
ST745 0-150 psi (1/8 NPFT) fluid pressure sensor
ST746 0-150 psi (1/8 BSPT) fluid pressure sensor
ST760 0-150°C (1/8 BSPT) fluid temperature sensor
ST762 0-150°C (M10) fluid temperature sensor
ST764 0-150°C (1/8 NPTF) fluid temperature sensor
ST769 -20-150°C (M6x7) air temperature sensor
Switch Kits 
ST510 2 push button switch kit
ST512 4 push button switch kit
ST918038 Rotary switch & harness (ST700)
ST581 5off mini sureseal plug kit
ST582 5 off mini sureseal receptacle kit
ST594-204 S400 boost gauge wiring harness
ST872-005 ST810x dash display system harness (up to 2004)
ST872-006 ST810 dash display system harness (2005 and after)
ST918020 07m mini-sureseal extender harness
ST918021 14m mini-sureseal extender hamess
ST918022 21m mini-sureseal extender harness
ST918036 mini-sureseal to spade extender
ST918039 ST700 main loom
ST918049 ST700 sensor loom
ST163021 Mil connector 19 way-crimp
Pressure Adapters 
ST154003 1/8NPTF to M10 adapter
ST154006 1/8NPTF to 1/8BSPT adapter
ST154012 M6x1 to M10x1 adapter
ST154013 M6x1 to 1/8NPTF adapter
ST154015 1/8BSP to M10x1 adapter
ST154016 1/8BSP to 1/8NPTF adapter
Shift Lights 
ST533 dash top shift light white
ST534 dash top shift light red
ST537 panel shift light red
ST536 panel shift light white
ST536 panel shift light amber
52mm Aux. Gauges Spare Parts
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Stack's Auxiliary Gauges are 52.4mm in diameter

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