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Solutions for Data Logging in test and engineering applications...

Stack are proud to have supplied many prestigious clients from around the Globe with Data Logging solutions for test and engineering Applications. Due to the confidential nature of many of these projects, we are not able to name the majority of our clients. Some of the clients we have supplied include:

Stack's Modular Data Logging Systems offer technologically advanced and unrivalled benefits in Data Logging, video solutions,

Real-time displays and alarm monitoring capability. The equipment is especially suited to all types of vehicle testing or on-vehicle use in all environments.

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Stack Data Logging Systems advantages:
Compact Individual hardware components able to fit in the palm of your hand.
Rugged Totally sealed hardware (IP67), Vibration to 30g, 0-100% Humidity and an operation temperature of -40C to +80C.
Easy to use Windows based data collection and analysis softwarewith intuitive operation and user configuration, providing a powerful solution to all levels of customer requirements.
Modular Systems can be expanded and upgraded to suit customer's changing requirements. You only need to add the hardware and channels of data you need.
Integrates with vehicle CANBus Vector import solution provides for a seamless integration with a vehicles CANBus network through the Stack Gateway module
Turn-key Solutions Systems quoted and supplied complete with required cables and accessories to ensure you can start collecting data from day one.
Display Modules and Instrumentation Solutions to add driver displays and instrumentation for Real-time feedback of vehicle parameters, alarms and warnings.
Flexibility The modularity, compact size and minimal harnessing of the system allow systems to be located just about anywhere around a vehicle and in small spaces .
Universal Inputs Any of the channels can be individually configured for milli Volt (mV), Voltage (V), Resistance, Thermocouples, or Pulse inputs.
Automated Designed for unsupervised operation in Harsh Environments.
Secure data Non-volatile Data Memory for secure data, even during unscheduled power removal.
Quality Engineering With engineering expertise founded in the MoD, the quality of the design and construction is second to none.
Technical Innovation Stack have consistently been first to the market with the majority of new technologies in the field of Data Logging.


Custom Engineering
Many of our customer's applications have individual and unique requirements. Stack offers a custom engineering capability to provide cost effective custom system solutions. The following are just some examples of custom solutions that we can offer - please contact us to discuss your requirements.


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Frequently Asked Questions
Further information can be found in our Troubleshooting Knowledgebase section.

Your Stack dealer will be happy to assist you further.

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Mobile, rugged, and harsh environment test solutions - Stack modular, Data Logging systems.

Stack is a leading supplier of high quality instruments, displays, Data Logging, and video-logging systems to motorsport and harsh environment test solutions with over 30 years of proven experience and service.

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