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Video Systems

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Stack’s new range of Digital Video-Loggers (DVLs) can be used as a conventional DVR to record video and audio. They can also record data as well as video, in one compact unit, for the ultimate in Synchronized Video-Logging!


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Click for details on: Stack Batteryless TPMS: Special commendation at World Motorsport Symposium 2011.
“...exceptionally innovative technology developed in the UK
 by a well-regarded company”

Stack’s Batteryless Tyre Pressure and Temperature Monitoring System (TPMS) completely re-defines tyre pressure monitoring in motorsport.  Based on patented SAW sensor technology, the problems associated with mounting batteries and complicated electronics in sensors on wheels have at last been completely eliminated. 


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Data Logging

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MFR. Multi-Function Recorder
Stack’s new data recording system consists of a single multi-function module containing hardware already installed to provide a wide variety of Data Logging functions.

MFD. Multi-Function Displays
Stack's multi-function display system is the most flexible, highest specification, lowest priced Dash-Logger available!

MF & MF2. Multi-Function Interface Expansion Modules
Used in conjunction with Stack’s Multi-Function Recorder, Multi-Function Displays and Digital Video Recorder, the Multi-Function Interface Expansion modules allow for the easy provision of additional inputs giving the flexibility to suit even the most complex applications.

ST8100AR Action Replay Dash Display
Replaces ALL dashboard instruments, offering an alternative to computer-based Data Logging systems, bringing multi-channel data logging capabilities to all levels of motorsport.

Configurable upgrade for Preconfigured Race Dash Display Systems now available.
This upgrade has been launched for customers who already own an ST8100 system but require greater flexibility.

Data Pro Analysis Software
The fastest and easiest to use professional motorsport data analysis software.

Sensors for Data Logging Systems
We offer a comprehensive range of sensors to complement our Data Logging systems.


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Display Systems


Preconfigured Race Dash Displays
For all types of racing, Stack Dash Display systems provide unrivalled display clarity and performance.

Street Race Dash Displays
These systems are designed for any high performance Street, Rally and Race cars that require a road legal speedometer and odometer.

ST700 Dash Display System
This dash system integrates tachometer, speedometer, lap timer, temperature and pressure readout into an 80mm instrument.

Predictive Lap Timer & Performance Meter
Provides drivers with a constantly updated, highly accurate prediction of the next lap time!


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Tachometers & Gauges

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Stack’s 80mm Speedometers match our range of Professional Stepper Motor and Pro-Control gauges. Easy to install and simple to use, the speedometers include black-lit odometer and two re-settable tripmeter displays.

Clubman Intelligent Tachometer
Technical excellence and fantastic build quality at an extremely favourable price!

Clubman Classic Tachometers
Combining the best the Clubman's modern technology with "Classic" styling to complement the car's original design.

Professional Intelligent Tachometer
The original and still the best, race proven, and award winning tachometer.

Chronotronic Tachometers
Faithfully replicating Chronometric styling and movement these tachometers are a direct replacement for original Chronometric tachometers, fitting directly into the original cut out. .

Auxiliary Gauges
Stack’s proven technology now available in a 52mm gauge! Pro-Control Stepper Motor Analogue gauges augment the successful auxiliary gauge range bringing greater functionality and control together with reliability and accuracy.

White and Silver dial face options have also been introduced to a number of the existing Professional Stepper Motor Gauges, Electric and Mechanical Gauges.

Stack auxiliary gauges are available as:


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Frequently Asked Questions

Further information can be found in our Troubleshooting Knowledgebase section.

Your Stack dealer will be happy to assist you further.


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