Multiple Information Layouts System Features

Unique Window Docking System
This feature controls the size and position of the individual information windows. Although the user can add new windows to a layout and re-size and re-position windows anywhere within the layout, the docking system ensures all windows remain fully viewable and that the screen area is fully utilised.

Multi-Car Software
Multi-car software has been specifically developed to meet the requirements of one make series, sanctioning bodies and for teams running a large number of cars. This application automatically downloads data from individual cars into their own unique data directory, thus ensuring that data is never misplaced or confused. Multi-car software fully integrates into DataPro and the full suite of analysis tools are available to the user.

Hi-speed CANBus to USB Download
All Stack Data Logging systems utilise a CANBus network for transmitting data at high speed. DataPro downloads data directly off this network, communicating with the PC through a CAN-USB interface module. This ensures very fast data retrieval speeds, typically 10 times faster that that of a serial download.

Advanced Analysis Package
This upgrade to the standard DataPro software provides enhanced analysis features. Designed for expert users who are already fully utilising the capabilities of the standard DataPro program and desire to perform more advanced analysis. Features include X-Y graphing, 3-dimensional data representation, advanced map based data presentation, enhanced calculation capability and data export.

Frequently Asked Questions

Further information can be found in our Troubleshooting Knowledgebase section.

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