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Stack are to committed to innovation. For more than two decades Stack’s philosophy has been to lead the way in the use of new technologies and provide our customers with advanced, quality engineered products.


DVRs for Mobile & Industrial Applications



Stack’s second generation video recorders have the same quality, reliability and compact design of the original Stack DVR, but now come in an expanded range.

The new Stack range of DVRs has a model to suit your needs: choose from variants offering up to 4 camera inputs, higher bit-rate options for broadcast quality recordings, completely sealed to IP67, extended operating temperature ranges, and extended recordings capacity. Stack DVRs provide superior high-quality video recording in real time over a wide range of bit rates suitable for different applications - up to 15 mbps is available, quality equivalent or better than DV tape.

Stack’s DVR3-240 & DVR3-440 incorporate an integrated 4 input video multiplexer to allow any format of up to 4 cameras (composite PAL or NTSC) to be recorded simultaneously on one screen with fully programmable scaling, crop and positioning.


Key features:

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Stack's wireless, batteryless and compact TPMS. Accurate tyre pressures are a proven performance enhancer, delivering consistent performance advantages in all levels of motorsport.

Click for details on: Stack Batteryless TPMS: Special commendation at World Motorsport Symposium 2011.
“...exceptionally innovative technology developed in the UK
 by a well-regarded company”


Stack’s Batteryless Tyre Pressure and Temperature Monitoring System (TPMS) completely re-defines tyre pressure monitoring in motorsport. 

Based on patented SAW sensor technology, the problems associated with mounting batteries and complicated electronics in sensors on wheels have at last been completely eliminated.


Key features

Accurate tyre pressures are a proven performance enhancer, delivering consistent performance advantages in all levels of motorsport. Dynamic tyre pressure monitoring while out on the track allows the team to optimise tyre performance over the whole lap and whole run.

Stack's Batteryless TPMS is suitable for all harsh environments... motorsport, military, commercial.


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MFR - Multi-Function Recorder

Multi-Function Recorder (MFR) ModuleStack’s NEW data recording system consists of a single multi-function module containing hardware already installed to provide a wide variety of Data Logging functions. The module has the basic functions available out of the box.

The advanced functions can be made operational simply by PIN code activation making upgrading problem-free and convenient.

The STACK ST8956 multi-function system is available in 3 versions: Clubman, Semi-Pro, Pro. The “Clubman” function is perfect for the novice, the “Semi pro” system for more advanced requirements and the “pro” system for extensive measuring tasks.

The system can be used in conjunction with Stack’s slimline LCD display (ST8850).

Key features

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MF & MF2. Multi-Function Interface Expansion Modules.
Used in conjunction with Stack’s Multi-Function Recorder, Multi-Function Displays and Digital Video Recorder, the Multi-Function Interface Expansion modules allow for the easy provision of additional inputs giving the flexibility to suit even the most complex applications.


Please revisit this page soon for more exciting news about new products from Stack.

Although we have separate areas on this website for our Motorsport and Test / Engineering divisions, many of our products do have possible crossover Applications. Indeed, if you think that a Stack product may be the solution to your needs do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements.

For any enquiries about Stack innovation, contact us at the following:

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Stack Ltd.
Wedgwood Road
Bicester OX26 4UL
T: 888-867-5183


Stack, Inc.
413 West Elm Street
Sycamore,IL. 60178
T: (888) 867 5183
F: (888) 364 2609


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