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23 June 2010
Stack’s ST200 Clubman Tachometer features in Super Street magazine.

Click to visit external siteStack's Clubman tachometer features in a Super Street magazine feature on DIY Custom Tachometer Integration. The informative and illustrated article shows how to install the Clubman into a dash.

The writer is complimentary about the ST200 and its renowned accuracy - accuracy due to its unique Stack stepper-motor movement, guaranteed for life.




Super Street website - direct link to article.

ST200 Clubman - further details.





13 January 2010
Book: The MG Midget and Austin Healey Sprite High Performance Manual (3rd edition) - Daniel Stapleton

 The MG Midget and Austin Healey Sprite High Performance Manual (Speedpro) (Speedpro Series) (Paperback)This completely revised, updated and enlarged book is the complete guide to building a fast MG Midget or Austin-Healey Sprite for road or track. Includes fitting and using Stack gauges.

About the Author
Daniel has been developing his own car for years and, through this work, has learned much about the practical problems of tuning and modifying cars.







November 2008 - Tools, Bits & Pieces

Recording tachometers

Stack, Inc. recently introduced its ST400 and ST430 Action Replay Tachometers, available in both 80mm (ST400) and 125mm (ST430) sizes, an ideal tuning aid for oval, sprint, drift, hillclimb, and track day applications.

Each tachometer is packed with numerous features: stepper-motor movement, with digital quartz accuracy for unparalleled precision; peak RPM Tell-Tale memory and a built in shift-light activation circuit; playback capability with 25 minutes of record time logged in solid state memory; LED backlighting to reduce current draw, providing excellent nighttime visibility and vibration resistance; three playback speeds allow you to view recorded data with the resolution you want.

Not only are they incredibly helpful tuning aids (allowing you to review shift points, evaluate gear selection, locate traction problems, and realize peak RPM achieved at key points on the track), but each tach is configurable for most engine types utilizing standard and magneto style ignitions, while pushbutton programming and snap-fit professional motorsports wiring harness make installation a breeze.

The ST400 and ST430 are available in a wide range of RPM scales to suit your application with an MSRP of $525. For more information, contact Stack, Inc. by calling 888-867-5183, or visit
- By Matthew Litwin


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October 2008 -

Stack’s New Lineup of Tachometers and Dash Displays

JTunedOur friends over at Stack have dropped some new products from across the pond. These are by far the cleanliest and user friendly tachometers on the market. And they’re made by the same people that brought us what we consider the holy grail of tuning swag, the ST8100 Dash Displays.

STACK ST200 Clubman Tachometer
One of the latest introductions to their tachometer lineup is the Stack ST200 Clubman. The 80mm sized Clubman features the stepper-motor movement, with Digital Quartz accuracy that have made their products a must have in motorsports for decades. Configurable for most engine types utilizing standard and magneto style ignitions, STACK Clubman tachometers come standard with Peak RPM ‘Tell-Tale’ memory, and a built in shift-light activation circuit (STACK panel and dash mount shift lights available separately). LED backlighting reduces current draw, provides excellent nighttime visibility, and is exceptionally vibration resistant. One of the real technical highlights of the ST200 is the push button programming which makes installation a snap.

The ST200 is available in Competition Black with white needles or Competition White with orange needles. 8k, 10.5k dual-scale and a 15k dual-scale (if you dropped an RR engine in a CVCC) RPM scale options are available as well.

STACK ST700 Dash Display
When the ST700 dropped months ago in England, I remember this being one of the brightest innovations for enthusiasts that bridged the gap between quality instrumentation without the loss of cleanliness associated with running gauges across your dash. The ST700 allowed you to monitor water temp and oil pressure with warning parameters inside a compact 80mm tachometer. Essentially all you would need in NA applications with all the quality and good looks you’d expect from STACK including the same quartz stepper motors found in their other products.

Once we dug a little more into the features and available upgrades, we realized you could throw out any other factory cluster or gauges you may have. The list of standard features in daunting and include Peak ‘Tell-Tale’ memory for all monitored engine parameters , Integrated Voltmeter, user programmable 4-way configurable LED sequential shift light, Intelligent Alarm warning system and integrated light with user programmable warning points for all monitored engine parameters, and 2 user configurable analog sensor input channels for use with optional sensors and harness (sold separately) to monitor any two of the following parameters: fuel pressure, oil pressure, oil temperature, water temperature, differential temperature, boost pressure, or air temperature to name a few.

Other options include Speedometer, Trip, Wheel Speed Indicators and more. It can even read as a gear indicator if you’ve installed or plan to install a sequential transmission. In any case, if you’re looking for a monitoring solution, I would take a moment to check one of these out.

For more information, check out STACK's website at

And for the more serious guys out there, we have a peek at the newest in the 8100 lineup-the STACK ST8130. No need for us to give details cause you already know what they're all about.

Check it at

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