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Note: Multi-Function Recorder (MFR)

The products on this page were released before the introduction of Stack's Multi-Function Recorder, a single box data recording solution. There may be applications when a modular approach is still the better way forward. Please contact us for assistance in finding the best solution for your application.



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DS(R)  Module



The DS Display Driver Module can drive a wide choice of analogue dials and LCD read-outs, allowing up to 7 LCD read-out modules and 2 analogue dials to be connected.

Our standard LCD read-out module is a 40 character alphanumeric display which can display up to 6 parameters on the visible display layer. This can be configured with multiple - user selectable - display layers that allows the operator to select the most appropriate layer for different Applications.

Optionally this module can be supplied with a 0.5Mbyte of solid-state memory and records 20 channels of data at up to 50Hz per channel.

In addition the Display Driver Module features an intelligent alarm capability so that whenever any monitored parameter exceeds a threshold level, a plain text warning message is �popped up� on the LCD and a choice of 4 alarm warning lights illuminated.

The Display Driver Module provides control switch inputs for manually starting & stopping data recording and for adding markers to the data, as well as providing a dedicated infrared switch input.

In addition this module has direct sensor inputs for 5 low resolution configurable inputs, a dedicated RPM signal input and 2 pulse inputs. It also has an RS232 data link that can be used for sending data to a telemetry modem or for receiving data from another system (e.g. engine ecu).



Technical Notes

5x configurable sensor inputs

Max. 50Hz update ALL sensor inputs. Choice of 0-5V, 0-330ohms measurements.

4x switch inputs

Switch status polled every 20 msecs (50Hz)

2x 2Hz - 1.5kHz pulse inputs

For Freq. Period or Speed measurement. 0-100 input prescaler.

1x dedicated RPM signal input

Dedicated input for connecting to coil or ECU output of IC engine. 20-32,000 RPM.

1x dedicated "timed event" marker

For use with non-contact Infrared track marker system. Status polled every 10msecs (100Hz)


Technical Notes

4x control switch/lamp outputs

Low = 1 Volt, High = Vbatt(-2Volts), 100mA load, Max. rating 1.0 Watts

PC serial communication

Proprietary protocol for driving Stack readout modules - Drives upto 7 LCD devices and 2 analog dials

Serial data link

Technical Notes

RS232 serial communication

Send data to a radio modem or receiving data from an ECU or GPS System

Inputs available (5 analogue and 3 pulse)

Min. sample frequency

Max. sample frequency


Max. Input Voltage

Input Impedance

Excitation Current

Other Technical Data

0-5 Volts OR
0-333 Ohms

1 Hz
1 Hz

50 Hz
50 Hz

8 bit
8 bit

20 V
20 V



Direct Connection
Direct Connection

0 - 1.5kHz Pulse

1 Hz

50 Hz

16 bit

20 V



Min. Pulse width 0.3ms.
Threshold 10mA � 0.5mA (e.g. open collector)


Sensor Excitation Provided by Module

V batt - 200mA max. total load

Regulated 5 Volt - 200mA max. total load

Optional Recorder Module Specification

Total Recorded Channels:

up to 20

Memory Capacity:

0.5 Mbytes

Data Capacity:

1000 samples per second

Data Format:

16 bit resolution time-level data points with Real-time date stamp

Memory Retention:

Fixed, Data will be retained for >5 years

Max. number of Runs:

up to 100

Recording Trigger:

Manual, Threshold Level, Multiple conditions, Remote IR, etc.

Other Capabilities:

Real-time markers - manual and positional triggered. (10mS Resolution)

Recording Capabilities:

1-50Hz Individually set for each channel

Recording Strategies:

Record Start-Stop, 0-46hr length. Fixed length with pre-post trigger periods.

Environmental Spec.

Technical Notes


20g, 50-2000Hz, 12hr on each of 3 axis.

Operating Temperature:

-40�C (-40�F) to +85�C (+185�F)






8Volts to 16Volts DC at 250mA operational. +/-80Volts protected.

Frequently Asked Questions
Further information can be found in our Troubleshooting Knowledgebase section.

Your Stack dealer will be happy to assist you further.

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