"G" Module - CANBus Gateway Module


Note: Multi-Function Recorder (MFR)

The products on this page were released before the introduction of Stack's Multi-Function Recorder, a single box data recording solution. There may be applications when a modular approach is still the better way forward. Please contact us for assistance in finding the best solution for your application.



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G Module

Including Vector Import

The CANBus Gateway module acts as a bridge between a vehicle host CANBus network and the Stack Data Logging system. Up to 256 channels can be taken off the host CANBus network and transferred to the Stack CANBus network where they can then be recorded, displayed, used for alarms purposes etc.

Our DataPro Designer software allows the user to simply select the channels to be monitored from the complete list of all the channels on the host network - by selecting the channels to be monitored the channel capacity of the Stack system can be optimised to suit different requirements.

To correctly interpret parameters from a host CANBus, DataPro Designer software can import a proprietory Protocol from a 'Vector.DBC' file.

Multiple CANBus gateway modules can be included in a data logging system so that data can be recorded from different host CANBus networks, or if the host network exceeds the message processing limit of a single Gateway module.


Standard CAN Bus Compatability

Network Type:

CAN A (11 bit messages) with multiplexed message support
CAN B (29 bit messages) with multiplexed message support


ISO 11898


Bespoke protocol to individual customer specification, J1939



Baud Rate:

Fixed, customer specified up to 1000 kBit/second

Processing Capacity:

Max. 2000 messages/second per Gateway Module

Environmental Spec.

Technical Notes


20g, 50-2000Hz, 12hr on each of 3 axis.

Operating Temperature:

-40�C (-40�F) to +85�C (+185�F)






8Volts to 16Volts DC at 250mA operational. +/-80Volts protected.

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