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Note: Multi-Function Recorder (MFR)

The products on this page were released before the introduction of Stack's Multi-Function Recorder, a single box data recording solution. There may be applications when a modular approach is still the better way forward. Please contact us for assistance in finding the best solution for your application.



Bringing flexibility and expandability to Data Logging Systems...


R Module - Bringing flexibility and expandability to Data Logging Systems..

.R Module



Recorder Modules are available in a range of standard configurations. These modules feature solid state non volatile battery backed up memory - that will not be lost even in the event of a high impact accident.

The Recorder Module supports a wide range of recording strategies. Examples include, Manual recording, automatic recording when a level is exceeded, and automatic recording when a combination of conditions occur.

Each start-stop cycle is automatically stored as an individual �run� and all data is date stamped in real time. Manual or position triggered �marker� points - that do not stop the recorder - can also be added to the data.

DataPro Designer software is used to simply configure the Recorder Module and specify which channels available on the Stack Network are recorded and the individual recording frequency for each channel.

The standard means of extracting data from the Recorder Module is through a physical cable connection to a PC using a high speed CanBus to PC datalink.


Standard Recorder Module Specification

Total Recorded Channels:

20 - 256

Memory Capacity:

0.5 Mbytes - 32 Mbytes

Data Capacity:

1000 - 8000 samples per second

Data Format:

16 bit resolution time-level data points with Real-time date stamp

Memory Retention:

Fixed, Data will be retained for >5 years

Max. number of Runs:

up to 100

Recording Trigger:

Manual, Threshold Level, Multiple conditions, Remote IR, etc.

Other Capabilities:

Real-time markers - manual and positional triggered. (10mS Resolution)

Recording Capabilities:

1-200Hz Individually set for each channel

Recording Strategies:

Record Start-Stop, 0-46hr length. Fixed length with pre-post trigger periods.

Environmental Spec.

Technical Notes


20g, 50-2000Hz, 12hr on each of 3 axis.

Operating Temperature:

-40�C (-40�F) to +85�C (+185�F)






8Volts to 16Volts DC at 250mA operational. +/-80Volts protected.

Frequently Asked Questions
Further information can be found in our Troubleshooting Knowledgebase section.

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