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Sensors & Interfaces
Stack’s comprehensive range of sensors
Stack provide a wide range of sensors and specialist interfaces to meet the vast majority of Motorsport requirements. We only offer sensors that have passed our rigorous testing program, and have proven suitable for harsh environment Motorsport applications.

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Lap Timing System

The lap timing receiver simply plugs into the standard dash wiring harness. When the vehicle passes the track side beacon the lap time “pops up” in the graphic display with an accuracy of 1/100th of a second. At any time the driver can select the Lap Time Display layer to show the Last Lap Time, Best Lap Time and number of laps driven.

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ST543 Infrared Lap Timing System receiver only
ST544 Infrared Lap Timing System trackside beacon only
ST546 Infrared Lap Timing System receiver & beacon

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Speed /Pulse Sensors

These sensors and interfaces provide continuous analogue averaging of the input signal (no digital sampling whatsoever) over the sampling period (5mSec to 1 Second).

This gives the following significant benefits over conventionally sampled analogue inputs:

  • Recorded/ displayed values are the true average value for the sampled period - there is zero sampling error
  • Inherently eliminate potential for aliasing errors
  • Enables slow recording rates for high frequency inputs without loss of information - e.g. Suspension movement, which has a typical frequency response of 1-2 kHz, can be recorded at 10Hz for measuring pitch and roll
  • Up to 15 bit resolution (0.003%) and <0.5% total error over the whole operating range of a sensor

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ST453 0-3.5 Bar Absolute Pressure Sensor with Low Freq DSP Interface (1.5% FS Total Error Band over -20C to +80C) 1/8NPT Pressure Fitting (e.g. Boost)
ST492 Pulse Amplifier (e.g. Gearbox Sensor Amplifier)
ST668 Speed Sensor Proximity Sensor
(recommended for Stack's Speedometers)
ST670 Proximity Speed Sensor

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0-5 Volt Analogue Sensors

These sensors typically offer 1% accuracy - over their whole operating range - and are ideal for monitoring chassis and engine parameters where Digital Signal Processing (DSP) is not required.


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ST740 0 to 3.5 bar/ 50 psi boost sensor (1/8"NPTF) (replacement only)
ST747-1/8NPTF 10 bar/ 150 psi pressure sensor (1/8 NPTF)
ST749 Brake pressure sensor (1/8 NPTF)
ST978 Rotary Potentiometer 360Deg (e.g.Steering)
ST979 Rotary Potentiometer Sensor 120Deg (e.g. pedal angle)
ST991 -20 to 150 deg C temperature sensor (M6x1)
ST657 0C to +200C K-Type Thermocouple Interface with 0-5V output
ST658 0C to +1100C K-Type Thermocouple Interface with 0-5V output
ST994 Wide Band Lambda Sensor & Interface 0-5V - 1 ch
ST996 Wide Band Lambda Sensor & Interface 0-5V - 2 ch

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Resistive Analogue Sensors

We also supply a range of automotive spec. pressure, temperature and rotary displacement sensors suitable for measuring basic engine condition and driver inputs.

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ST742 0-30 psi Fluid Pressure Sensor(1/8 NPTF)
ST745 0-150 psi Fluid Pres. Sensor (1/8 NPTF)
ST764 300 ºF Fluid Temp. Sensor (1/8 NPTF)
ST769 -20 to 150 deg C temperature sensor (M6x1)

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ST581 5 off SureSeal Plug Kit 
ST582 5 off SureSeal Recep. Kit
ST163021 19 Way Mil Connector-Crimp
ST913031 ST500/ ST700 Recall switch, harness & bracket
ST918038 ST500/ ST700 Rotary control and harness
ST872-005 Loom for 1995-2004 Spec ST8100/8130/8110/8120 
ST872-006 Loom for 2005-2006 Spec. ST8100/8130/8110/8120
ST872-806 Loom for 2005-2006 Spec. ST8110SR
ST872-405 Loom for ecu dash modules
ST884 Extender harness Kit (2x0.7m;2x1.4m;1x2.1m)
ST900144 VS Module Video Harness
ST918020 0.7 m Extension Harness
ST918021 1.4 m Extension Harness
ST918022 2.1 m - Extension Harness
ST918024 MSS to Spade Terminal RPM Extender 2.0m
ST918035 0-5V adapter harness for Resistive Sensors
ST918036 Fuel P wiring extender for ST8130P/ M (1995-2004 only)
ST918037 Spade Terminal to MSS Adaptor Harness 0.4m
ST918009 Spade Terminal to MSS Adaptor Harness 1.4m
ST918039 Main loom for ST500 & ST700
ST918049 Sensor loom for ST700
ST918040 ST670 RPM adapter (ST670 not included)
ST918051 Neutral Gear Switch Adaptor Harness (ST700 only)
ST910085-201 5 Volt Regulator Stub
ST918053 Sensor Supply Adaptor (for ST770-ST774,ST778,ST779)

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Thread Adaptors
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ST154003 1/8NPTF to M10 adapter
ST154006 1/8NPTF to 1/8BSPT adapter
ST154012 M6x1 to M10x1 adapter
ST154013 M6x1 to 1/8NPTF adapter
ST154015 1/8BSP to M10x1 adapter
ST154016 1/8BSP Male to 1/8NPTF adapter


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Shift Lights
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ST532 Dash Top Shift Light AMBER
ST533 Dash Top Shift Light WHITE
ST534 Dash Top Shift Light RED
ST536 Panel Mount Shift Light WHITE
ST537 Panel Mount Shift Light RED
ST538  Panel Mount Shift Light AMBER
ST539 5 Stage Sequential Shift Light Module


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ST890-1 PC-Interface CAN-USB

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Accessories and Spare Parts for DVR's & DVL's

A/V Input Harness for ST8311 PRO DVR
(Yellow connector)
System Harness for ST8311 PRO DVR
(Red connector)
Monitor/Setup Harness for ST8311 PRO DVR
(Blue Connector)
System/Input Harness for ST8310 Clubman DVR
DVR Switch and Record LED Harness
Power lead for Network Harness
(MSS Plug to Spade terminals)
CAN Network Terminating Adaptor
(MSS Plug to MSS Receptacle)
CAN Network T-Piece Adaptor
(1x MSS Receptacle to 2x MSS Plug)
PRO DVR 9 Way System (Red) Mating ASDD Connector
PRO DVR 9 Way Input (Yellow) Mating ASDD Connector
PRO DVR 9 Way Monitor/Setup (Blue) Mating ASDD Connector

Note: Images on this page are representation of product at time of wring. Actual part may vary.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If the information above hasn't solved your problem, more help can be found here in our Auxiliary Gauges FAQ section.

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