MF & MF2:
Multi-Function Interface Modules

MF and MF2 Interface Modules


Used in conjunction with Stack’s Multi-Function Recorder, Multi-Function Displays and Digital Video Recorder, the Multi-Function Interface Expansion Modules allow for the easy provision of additional inputs giving the flexibility to suit even the most complex applications.

One or more expansion modules may be networked together to provide up to a total of 128 inputs.

Key features

CAN interfaces

The system has two integrated CAN interface for decoding a third-CAN stream, for example,an engine ECU, so that these channels are displayed, monitored, recorded and broadcast (telemetry). The CAN interface is user-configured by Stack's easy to use DataPro which incorporates many popular CAN protocols as standard. An optional import function for Vector information databases is also available.

Display options

Additional output via the slimline ST625 LCD digital display and the ST8600 steering wheel (or ST8610M Satelitte Display Module) are supported by the MF modules..

GPS interface option

Also available is a GPS (NMEA 0183) interface connection, enabled by PIN code. Simply plug in a GPS receiver to capture speed, position, altitude, time and date information to complement the lateral-, long- and vertical-G data from the internal 3-axis accelerometer.


System Architecture
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