Stack Data Logging and video solutions can be applied to a wide range of Applications, a large number of which are based in Automotive or Vehicular test and engineering solutions.

This diversity of Applications is attributable to the principal features and benefits that the systems offer. Stack Data Logging systems provide small, rugged, flexible solutions for stand-alone, real-time monitoring & alarm based Applications. Adding video and specialist interfaces to the product range enables you to get the complete picture, with data collected from cameras, dedicated sensors and existing CAN or GPS systems (where data is integrated with real-time Video and/or sound).

As specialists in engineering and data solutions for use in harsh environments, Stack equipment can be applied to just about any project requiring mobility, flexibility, ruggedness, compactness and protection from the elements. The Stack solid-state Digital Video Recorder for harsh environments is particularly suited to a vast and varied number of Applications.

If you have a specific application in mind for which you wish to use Stack equipment, please search the list of application notes below. The example solutions demonstrated in these notes may match your criteria, or at least provide a starting point in understanding how you might build your own solution. If you do not find what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact your Stack dealer who will be happy to provide you with a consultation.

Application Notes    

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Keywords: New engine test & development - Chassis Dynamics test & development - Powertrain test & development - Electrical systems test & development - On-vehicle data logging, Display and Telemetry system - High Performance road car development

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Keywords: New engine test & development - Engine Tuning and Vehicle Preparation - Performance road car development - Rolling Road Modernisation

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Mobile, rugged, and harsh environment test solutions - Stack modular, Data Logging systems.

Stack is a leading supplier of high quality instruments, displays, Data Logging, and video-logging systems to motorsport and harsh environment test solutions with over 25 years of proven experience and service.

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