Stack ST900 High-Performance Pro Systems

Simply the most powerful, flexible and robust data-logger on the market today!

Powerful yet simple to use, the ST900 system builds on the success of Stack's ST800 modular display and data recording systems.

Developed for the extreme requirements of the automobile industry the system uniquely offers robust build-quality and advanced technology and compatibility with existing system modules.

ST8916 multi-function display system

Key Features


Choice of Display Options
The system can be used in conjunction with Stack’s slimline LCD display:

Stack's slimine display

or Stack's distinctive full dash display module combining stepper-motor powered analogue dial with integrated digital LCD display:


Enjoy the power and convenience of wireless Data Logging! The STACK WiFi (W-Lan) feature enables the transfer of recorded data to a PC, as well as wireless configuration of the system. The connection works on the 802.11b/g standard and depending on the antenna has a range of up to 150 feet.
Further Wireless specifications/options.


DataProThe system includes Data Pro analysis software - the fastest and easiest to use professional motorsport data analysis software.


Ultimate Flexibilty
Stack's ST900 system is built on flexibility. A full listing all possibilities is beyond this webpage. Why not contact us with your requirements and your proposed application and we'll gladly put together a custom-made offer for you.

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  Harsh Environment Data-Logger Harsh Environment CAN-Logger GPS
Remote (GSM) Data-Logger Remote Access (WiFi) Data-Logger
Base Module Inputs
Total No of standard input channels (this module) 15 53     15
Pulse Freq.(<3KHz) or 0-5Volt analogue 10bit resolution 3 3     3
0-5Volt analogue 10bit resolution 7 5     7
Internal 3 axis +/-6g accelerometer channels (x-y-z) 3 3     3
CAN Interfaces (Optional - 1) 1 - - (Optional - 1)
CAN channels (Optional -40) 40 - - (Optional -40)
GPS channels (Optional - 16) (Optional - 16)   - (Optional - 16)
Supply Voltage 1 1     1
Real Time, Event Marker Input 1 1     1
Control Switch Inputs & Outputs 3 & 2 3 & 2 3 & 2 3 & 2 3 & 2
Base Module Data Recording
No. of Recording Channels (max) 30 Channels Standard or 128 Channels Optional (see Option 3)
Maximum Sample Rate (See Option 12) 50Hz Normal or 200Hz Optional (see Option 12)
Recorder modes 1. Sequential until full. 2. Continuous Loop 3. Event recorder with Pre trigger feature
Individual sample rate on each channel 1Hz to 50Hz Normal / 1Hz to 200Hz Optional (see Option 12)
Total Recorder samples per second 8000 Samples/Sec
No of channels @ max. sampling rate 160 channels @ 50Hz or 40 channels @ 200Hz (see Option 12)
Standard Memory Size 2MByte
Memory expansion options (Options 13 & 14) 8 or 32MByte (see Options 13 or 14) (Larger options on request)
Data Download Capability
Direct PC Connection via USB Interface
Download over WiFi (802.11b/g) and/or over internet - - - -
Download via modem (GSM/radio) or direct RS-232 Option 5 Option 5 Option 5 Included -
Expansion Capability          
Expansion channels (via additional modules) +8 to 113 +8 to 75 +8 to 98 +8 to 115 +8 to 113
Maximum No. of CAN Interfaces per System 3 3     3
Maximum CAN Channels per System 128 (see Option) 128 (see Option) 128 (see Option 3) 128 (see Option 3) 128 (see Option)
Maximum Channels per System 128 (see Option 3) 128 (see Option 3) 128 (see Option 3) 128 (see Option 3) 128 (see Option 3)
System Enhancement Options
CAN interface (Uses 2x 0-5V inputs) Option 1 1 Interface Included Option 1 Option 1 Option 1
GPS (NMEA) 16 channel Interface (Uses 1x 0-5V input) Option 2 Option 2 Included - Option 2
Increase Maximum No. of Channels from 30 to 128 Option 3 Option 3 Included - Option 3
Real time Telemetry Interface (Uses 1x 0-5V input) Option 4 Option 4 Option 4 - -
GSM/GPRS interface (Uses 1x 0-5V input) Option 5 Option 5 Option 5 Included -
Synchronized Video/Audio Recording Option 6 Option 6 Option 6 Option 6 Option 6
Internal NiCad battery Power Supply (Temp: -20 to 60C) Option 7 - Option 7 Option 7 Option 7
LCD display Pack (8mm 2x20 character, LED backlight) Option 8 Option 8 Option 8 Option 8 Option 8
Environmental Specification
Vibration 20g, 50 - 2000Hz sweep, 12Hr, 3 axis
Humidity 0-100%
Sealing IP67
Operating Temperature (see option 15) -20C to +80C = -5F to +175F   -40 to 85C -20 to 70C
Power 9-30V @ 1.5W (125mA @ 12V) 9-30V @ 1.5W 9-30V @ 1.5W 9-30V @ 3.5W
Analysis Software
DataPro & Designer configuration SW V4 ✔ (Standard)
DataPro V5 (for WinVista) Option 9
Rainbow Maps, requires DataPro V4 or V5 Option 10
Maths Channels, Requires DataPro V4 or V5 Option 11
Vector .dbc CAN file Import Plug-in Option 15

All gauges come complete with wiring harness and associated sensor (except for fuel level gauge). System includes wiring harness, lap time receiver, speed sensor, USB interface and DataPro software.



Frequently Asked Questions

Further information can be found in our Troubleshooting Knowledgebase section.

Your Stack dealer will be happy to assist you further.

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