Stack Professional "Monster" Tachometer


Styled on classic chronometric lines these tachometers have all the features of the modern professional tachometers.

Monster dial face which fits standard 80mm, drag and Porsche Tacho cut-outs.

Key Features

ST430 dial scale options

Scales optimised to suit engine's operating range:

When ordering, state model and required RPM scale, e.g. ST430 0-10000


This race-proven and award winning design guarantees exceptional accuracy and robustness over many years of use.

ST430 side on - fits standard 80mm cut-outs!


Easy-fit Shift Light Option
Optimising gear shifts is one of the most effective means of reducing lap times and these easy to fit options complement the Tachometer in helping the driver achieve perfect shifts.

Panel Mount Shift Light
(Available in Red, Amber & White)
Dash Top Shift Light
(Available in Red, Amber & White)



Operating Temperature  -20 deg C to +70 deg C
Storage Temperature  -40 deg C to + 80 deg C
Accuracy Linear dials  +/- 0.6% over temperature range
Non linear dials  +/- 0.45% over temperature range
Humidity  0-95% Non-condensing
Vibration  10-55Hz 5mm pk; 55Hz-1KHz 30g 12 hours
Supply  0.25 Amperes @ 8-16 Volts D.C.
Nett Weight  ST400: 400 grams; ST430: 475 grams
Dimensions ST430:  123mm (4.9in) diameter x 75mm (3.0in) deep
Fixing details ST430:  80mm (3.15in) or 116mm (4.6in) diameter cut-out
Backlighting  Solid-state white LED
Shift RPM Limit  User adjustable within the range of the dial face
Electrical Outputs Pseudo open collector type (200 mA current sink maximum switched to battery negative)
ST430-12 Min

Record Capacity 12 Minutes

Record Interval 0.05 Seconds (20Hz)

Record Accuracy +/- 0.25% over total temperature range

ST430-25 Min

Record Capacity 25 Minutes

Record Interval 0.1 Seconds (10Hz)

Record Accuracy +/- 0.25% over total temperature range



Frequently Asked Questions

Further information can be found in our Troubleshooting Knowledgebase section.

Your Stack dealer will be happy to assist you further.


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