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Classic Tachometers


Stack 'Classic' Tachometers


Stack’s pair of 3½” (88mm) and 5” (125mm) Classic tachometers boast solid-state electronics whilst faithfully replicating the styling of original mechanical tachometers have long been favorites with a loyal following.

The Classic Clubmans features the legendary, extremely rugged, STACK steppermotor movement, with Digital Quartz accuracy for unparalleled precision. Configurable for most engine types utilizing standard and magneto style ignitions, STACK clubman classic tachometers come standard with Peak RPM ‘Tell-Tale’ memory and a user-configurable output to drive an optional external gear shift light. Push-button programming and simple four wire harness make installation simple.

Off-road and open top vehicle aficionados will appreciate the Clubman’s aluminium casing, which is fully sealed against dust and moisture, to exacting IP67 standards.


Key Features

ST200CThe ST200C (80mm) Tachometer is available with the following RPM scales:




ST230CThe ST230C (125mm) Tachometer is available with the following RPM scales:





Easy-fit Shift Light Option
Optimising gear shifts is one of the most effective means of reducing lap times and these easy to fit options complement the Tachometer in helping the driver achieve perfect shifts.

Panel Mount Shift Light
(Available in Red, Amber & White)
Dash Top Shift Light
(Available in Red, Amber & White)


ST200 Mounting Instructions



Also Available:

ST230C   ST200 Clubman

For the serious performance enthusiast, the 80mm sized ST200 Clubman tachometer features the unique, extremely rugged STACK stepper-motor movement, with Digital Quartz accuracy for unparalleled precision. Available in a variety of RPM ranges in black and white dial faces.

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Stack’s Chronotronic tachometers are based upon the clubman architecture with styling and a digital stepper motor movement designed to faithfully replicate the original Chronometric units, whilst retaining the features and precision of a modern racing tachometer.

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ST400 Professional

The original and still the best genuinely professional tachometer. This race-proven and award winning design guarantees exceptional accuracy and robustness over many years of use. Professional Tachometers feature RPM recording and on-dial playback, providing up to 25 minutes of RPM history.

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ST200C & ST230C Clubman Classic Tachometers

Item Number Description
ST200C-08 Tachometer, Clubman Classic, 80mm, Black Dial, 0-8k RPM
ST200C-010 Tachometer, Clubman Classic, 80mm, Black Dial, 0-10k RPM
ST200C-012 Tachometer, Clubman Classic, 80mm, Black Dial, 0-12k RPM
ST230C-08 Tachometer, Clubman Classic, 125mm, Black Dial, 0-8k RPM


Display Options

Item Number Description
ST532 Dash Top Shift Light AMBER
ST533 Dash Top Shift Light WHITE
ST534 Dash Top Shift Light RED
ST536 Panel Mount Shift Light WHITE
ST537 Panel Mount Shift Light RED
ST538 Panel Mount Shift Light AMBER



Item Number Description
ST913029 Installation Kit for Clubman Tachometer
ST510 2 Switch kit


Frequently Asked Questions

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