Stack ST539 Sequential Shift Light Array

Multi-Stage Shift Light Module
Key Features    
Stack's (ST539) Multi-Stage Sequential Shift Light ("shiftlight") Module features 5 ultra-bright LEDs - 3x amber, 1x red, and 1x blue, which illuminate sequentially to give a clear visual warning to assist the driver with the optimum timing of gear changes.

Each Individual LED shift light can be programmed to illuminate for a specific engine speed value (RPM), so regardless of whether you are running a rumbling V8 or a screaming sports bike, you can setup the shift light array to meet your specific engine requirements.

Click to enlargeProgramming the unit is a simple operation. Once you have connected the Shift Light Module to your Stack Dash Display, simply scroll to the relevant menu item on your Dash and use the buttons to configure the unit as you require.


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The Multi-Stage Sequential Shift Light Module is compatible with all post-2006 models of the ST800 Dash Display Systems. Upgrades for older ST800 Dash Displays to include this option will be available on a return-to-factory basis. Our support pages explain the correct procedure for returning goods.

Measuring a compact 60 x 30 x 15mm, the unit is designed for dash-top mounting to enable positioning for optimum line-of-sight during a race.

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