By popular demand STACK are launching an upgrade option to add full configurability to customer's existing ST8100 Dash Display system and in doing so provide all the benefits of our ST8800 Configurable Dash Display Systems.

An upgrade option for the ST8102 Dash Logger Systems is also available to provide all the benefits of our ST8802 Configurable Dash Logger Systems.

The upgrade to your ST8100 fixed Dash Display System will give additional flexibility and control, allowing you to re-organise the digital display with up to six display layers, each containing either two, four or six parameters.

Additionally, channels from an ST890x Configurable Engineering Data Logging System can be displayed and alarms programmed on all available channels via a PC and the DataPro Designer configuration software.

  Key Features

Furthermore, input channels can now be tailored to your requirements with any combination of temperatures & pressures on the four resistive sensor inputs. The second pulse channel can be used for speed, boost or exhaust gas temperature (EGT). These features are delivered as a hassle free upgrade to the display module that can use your existing harnessing & sensors.

The upgrade to your ST8102 fixed data logging system delivers the same features and benefits of the ST8100 Configurable Dash Display System above. In addition, the recording scheme can be defined with recording rates from 1Hz to 20Hz on each individual channel. Plus an optional expansion module supplies up to eight additional universal input channels for connection to any STACK sensor. Again these features are delivered as an upgrade to the display module that can use your existing harnessing & sensors.

System Architecture
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1 “M” and “SP” version includes Predictive Lap Timing, Performance Meter and Brake Bias display Optionsas standard

Dash Sensor Options



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Frequently Asked Questions

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