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Data Pro Analysis Software - The fastest and easiest to use professional motorsport data analysis software.
Data Pro Analysis Software - The fastest and easiest to use professional motorsport data analysis software

Now released: DataPro 6

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The DataPro software that comes with every STACK Data Logging system offers unique display and analysis features along with unrivalled user-friendly operation.

The recorded data and the data calculated by the software can be displayed and analysed as graphics, histograms, reports, value tables and segmented track reports. The evaluation of driver and vehicle performance is supported by additional statistics features and the option of inserting comments directly into the current display, for example, for setup.

The clear and logical software design allows even new users to come up to speed quickly and use it safely. Users can customize the analysis displays and terminology to their own requirements.


Key Features

We believe that DataPro is the easiest to use professional data analysis software available at any price!

Note: Some features only available on later DataPro releases, see table below.

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DataPro 6

Already the most user friendly data analysis software available, Data Pro now sports a user interface that is even simpler to use and new powerful features.

Microsoft® Excel® Data Import

Click to enlargeDataPro 6 has the ability to import ANY data directly from an Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet in the most powerful data analysis software package on the market.

This means any recorded parameter - as long as there is an accompanying timebase - can be opened up and viewed by DataPro’s visualizations.

The Excel Data Import utility allows the user full control to select how the data is imported.

Other features include:


GeoMap Option
Click to enlargeGeoMaps is a new optional feature for DataPro. The Geospatial Map visualization provides satellite imagery for GPS data overlay. Load a run with latitude and longitude channels and a satellite image will be displayed behind the GPS route, no configuration necessary!


Can Gateway Template Editor

Click to enlargeStack Multi-Function modules are able to record and display CAN bus data generated by an ECU. This mechanism is achieved through the module’s Gateway function. The user may configure this Gateway function with Stack DataPro Designer software.

The Stack CAN Gateway Template Editor application now featured within DataPro5 provides the user with the ability to create and edit these ECU Gateway templates for selection within DataPro's Designer.


DataPro 6 Enhancements

Click to enlargeThe “Log Book”; a powerful relational database (fully integrated into the DataPro software) that allows you to store, search and compare information about vehicles, races, tracks, weather conditions or any other parameter you wish to record and associate with recorded data

The “logbook” is configurable allowing users to customize the Log Book by adding parameters and categories of their choice. 

One of its most powerful features is that it is fully searchable, enabling the user to find all runs that meet certain criteria.

DataPro 6 also boasts a further enhancement that allows users to synchronize multiple video clips with one run as well as the ability to manually synchronize video that was recorded with a non-Stack recorder.

As ever, the advanced technology and leading edge engineering which one associates with Stack products is driven by an understanding of real users’ real needs – to improve driver technique and vehicle performance – simply and reliably.


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  V3 V4 V5 V6
Segment, lap & run analysis
Interactive track map selection
Distance or time-based
Multiple-channel strips
Multiple-strip charts
X-Y Graphs (inc. overlay/compare)
Compare/overlay laps or runs
Multiple lap overlays
Timeline analysis
Rolling lap time graph
Infinite zoom in & out
Align beacon across runs
Multiple Rainbow Maps with data compare*
Segment Bar on Strip Charts
Advanced Track Map Calculator
GPS-Based Track Maps
Geo Map visualizations option

Synchronized Video Display
Video Compare (time or distance based)
Frame-by-frame navigation (Fwd & Rev)
Data overlay on video
50Hz Replay option for improved moving images
Optimized Video Import & Synch. Speed Reports
Run and lap comparison
Statistics for selected data
Split-time reports
Eclectic & rolling lap time

Multiple Channel Histograms
Compare/overlay laps or runs of data
Dynamic update from cursor selection of data

Built-in Calculations
Calculated track maps
Damper Velocities
Pitch, Roll, Ride Height
Braking & Acceleration Forces
Combined G-force, Brake Bias, Gears
Corner radius/driven line
Advanced User Calculator/Maths Package*

Real-Time Telemetry
Radio or GSM Cellular Data Link  
Multiple Strip Chart Display  
Multiple Bar Graphs with Red/Green Alarms  
Visual Min/Max Alarms on each channel  
Real-Time Statistics Data (Max, Min, Average)  
Multiple Display Layouts updated in real-time  
Review all data history stored on PC Disk  
Data Export to 3rd party software (CSV format)  
Microsoft® Excel® Data Import (.xls & .xlsx)  

CAN Gateway Template Editor
Lap time editor
Configurable Data Export (CSV, Excel, etc.)
Data archive & restore
Display layout manager
Operation over network
Multicar Support
GPS Data Support
Voice Memo Support
Optimize Start Up & data integrity check times

System Configuration
User-specified channel names
Individual record rate/channel
Configurable LCD display layers
Configurable Video data overlay
Configurable alarms for each channel
Automatic sensor calibration
Configurable "Log Book"
Copy to clipboard

System Compatibility
Microsoft® Windows XP SP3 (32-bit version only)
Microsoft® Windows Vista SP1 (32 & 64 bit)
Microsoft® Windows 7 (32 & 64 bit)
Microsoft® Windows 8 (Desktop App only - 32 & 64 bit)
USB Port for data download & Setup


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Microsoft® Windows and Excel are registered trademarks of Microsoft.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What PC specifications do I need to run DataPro?
A. The system requirements for DataPro software can be viewed on our System Requirements page.


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"In my experience (and opinion), for a beginner, the Stack DataPro software is streets ahead of Pi Club Expert Windows in the usability stakes...."


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