Unique modular design optimises system flexibility, low-weight, compact size and expandability.


Note: Multi-Function Recorder (MFR)

The products on this page were released before the introduction of Stack's Multi-Function Recorder, a single box data recording solution. There may be applications when a modular approach is still the better way forward. Please contact us for assistance in finding the best solution for your application.


Modules Currently Available

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Stack's Engineering and Data Logging Systems are constructed as a modular design to optimise the system flexibility, low-weight, compact size and expandability. There are many advantages to employing a modular design of Data Logging system - for example, a modular design means componentry can be individually selected to best suit a projects requirements and available budget.

Physically, the modules can be distributed around the vehicle, making efficient use of available space. The system is easily expanded to include additional channels or features as a project progresses.

Furthermore, there are a range of different module types, each of which can be networked together to form a larger system, or in some cases, the functionality of different modules can be combined into the same module. Below are brief descriptions of each of the main module types:

Input Expansion Module
The Input Expansion Modules feature 8 universal sensor inputs - each input can be individually configured to measure analogue signals, frequency signals or to measure the signal from Stack’s proprietary DSP interface modules. Each input can be recorded at up to 200Hz.

Video & Data Synchronization Module
The Video Modules facilitate video input and data synchronization to a recording device and connects between a remote mounted camera and a digital video recorder, such as the Stack Harsh Environment DVR.

CANbus Gateway Module
The CANBus Gateway module acts as a bridge between a vehicle host CANBus network and the Stack Data Logging system.

Sensor Interface Module
The Sensor Interface Modules have direct sensor inputs for 5 low resolution configurable inputs, a dedicated RPM signal input and 2 pulse inputs.

Display Module
The Display Driver Modules can drive a wide choice of analogue dials and LCD read-outs, allowing up to 7 LCD read-outs modules and 2 analogue dials to be connected.

Recorder Module
The Recorder Module supports a wide range of recording strategies and feature solid state non volatile battery backed up memory - that will not be lost even in the event of a high impact accident.


Custom Engineering
Many of our customer's applications have individual and unique requirements. Stack offers a custom engineering capability to provide cost effective custom system solutions. The following are just some examples of custom solutions that we can offer - please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Control Capability




Data storage and retrieval


System capability


Sensor interfacing



Frequently Asked Questions
Further information can be found in our Troubleshooting Knowledgebase section.

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