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Stack is a leading global supplier of Instrumentation, Data Logging and Video-Logging solutions including integrated driver display, tachometers, (stand-alone or integrated) modular Data Logging systems, and powerful, easy-to-use DataPro analysis software. For over 30 years, Stack has been the world leader in motorsport dashboard and data logging technology. Stack's philosophy is to lead the way in using new technologies in innovative ways into all their product ranges to provide their customers with better products and to make them making them available to all levels of motorsport.

Stack has supplied to thousands of competitors around the globe and across the full spectrum of racing series. In addition to supplying to virtually all of the top teams and constructors, we have also supplied to the Automotive Test Industry as well as to a number of low-volume vehicle manufacturers. These include Caterham, Westfield, Lotus, Yamaha, Honda and Koenigsegg, and in a number of cases we have designed bespoke dash displays specifically for a manufacturer.


Stack's Significant Milestones

1986 The first Stepper Motor Tachometer - giving digital accuracy in an analog instrument.
  The first data logging Tachometer - making data logging affordable to all.
1987 The first integrated Intelligent Display and data logging System for transport.
  First use of serial networks and digital sensors to reduce wiring harnesses.
  The first commercial data logging system to be run during Formula 1 and Indycar races.
1988 The first system to have built-in system diagnostics for modules, sensors and harnesses.
  The first data analysis software with multiple lap overlays.
1990 Winner of British Design Award for Stepper Motor Tachometers.
Two decades later, almost all production road cars have stepper motors driving the needles in the instrument display.
1991 The first Display-logging system in Motorsport to use the CAN-bus network launched by Stack.
1992 The first Data logger to provide 1Mibt/Sec download speed.
1994 Tthe first Display System with our patented Performance Meter technology.
1996 The first Data Analysis software to calculate and graph Timeline Comparison.
1998 The first Data Analysis software to calculate and graph Continuous Rolling Lap Time.
1999 The first integrated tachometer and lap-timing system.
2000 Stack wins a SMART award for the development of the first Synchronized Video-Logger – combining the synchronized recording of video and data.
2003 The first ruggedised Digital Video Recorder (DVR) launched.
2004 Stack launches the first synchronized video product integrating data logging with a lap-by-lap video comparison.
2005 Stack supplies powerful automated scrutineering system for the ACO's 24 Hour Race at Le Mans. 51 cars ran in the 24 Hours of Le Mans race this year, covering a combined total of over 100,000 miles. All of the competing vehicles were equipped with a Stack Scrutineering Module, capturing data for the entire duration of the race.
2007 Stack is acquired by AMEI Holdings, Inc. as a subsidiary of AutoMeter Products, Inc.
2008 Stack launches range of Auxiliary Guages expanding the company's range and bringing high-end technology to novices and the budget-conscious.
2009 Launched to market, the first SAW based, Batteryless Tyre Pressure Monitoring System.

DVL (Digital Video Logger) launched. As well as recording video and audio, they can also record data - all in one compact unit.

Winner, Export Achievement Award, MIA Business Excellence Awards.

Stack's Batteryless TPMS receives special commendation at World Motorsport Symposium 2011.

2011 Stack's Batteryless TPMS becomes the mandated TPMS system authorised by Grand Am. The Stack system has been sold into many different types of motorsport, including F1, World Rally, Prototype Sportscars, and club racers.

Stack's Digital Video Recorder is sold to a range of industrial users from space agencies to oceanographers.

STACK wins Innnovation Award for Batteryless TPMS at Cherwell Business Awards

2013 Stack debuts ST9918 LCD Color Motorsport display at PMW Show in Cologne, Germany
2014 Stack manufacturing operations relocated to state of the art ISO / TS certified facility of parent company AutoMeter in Sycamore, IL USA
2015 Stack debuts ST262163 Professional Tire Pressure Gauges at PRI show in Indianapolis, IN USA


Stack Today

Stack is a world leading manufacturer of instrumentation, data and video logging systems, and wireless sensors for motorsport and many other harsh environments including automotive test, defence and aerospace markets. Our products are used extensively on vehicles where the highest levels of accuracy, reliability, and product quality are demanded. We supply our products to customers worldwide.

Our current range of products include tachometers, integrated driver display systems, stand-alone or integrated modular Data Logging systems and powerful, easy-to-use data analysis software. Video solutions include the award winning Stack Synchronized Video Analysis System, Video and Data Overlay, and the solid-state Digital Video Recorder (DVR) for use in harsh environments.

Stack Data Logging systems are available from 4 to 128 channels, a full range of direct sensor interfaces and links to serial CANBus based ECU systems. New technologies include Telemetry; Wi-Fi and GPS solutions; Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems using wireless and batteryless sensors and complete scrutineering systems for race organizers.

Stack remains the number one supplier from trackday enthusiasts to professional teams.



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Stack is a leading supplier of solutions for Data Logging and instrumentation in Motorsport with over 30 years of proven experience and service.

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