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For all types of racing, Stack Dash Display systems provide unrivalled display clarity and performance.


Probably the best Display Systems in the World!


Analogue tachometer - the preferred choice of most racers! Stack stepper motor technology provides the most accurate movement in motorsport. Independent aerospace industry studies confirm that an analogue needle is the best solution for displaying fast changing information such as engine speed!


ST8100   ST8100 Dash Display
Replaces ALL dashboard instruments with an easy to read ergonomically designed display module. All vital engine information is simultaneously displayed on a large character LCD readout

ST8100AR Action Replay Dash Display
Replaces ALL dashboard instruments, offering an alternative to computer-based Data Logging systems, bringing multi-channel data logging capabilities to all levels of motorsport.

Upgrade available to full data logging with optional PC download/software kit

ST8100   ST8100H Hill Climb Dash Display
Specifically designed for Hill Climb racers with unique functionality for accurately detecting the start of a run.

ST700 Dash Display
For vehicles where a full dash system is not easy to fit the ST700 offers the perfect alternative. Features Intelligent Alarms, Peak Value Tell Tales, user configurable channels - plus much more!.

Note: the ST700 will not interface with Stack's DVL / DVR.


Dialface Options

 standard item Specify which no cost option is required when ordering additional cost option Standard No-Charge
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Frequently Asked Questions

Further information can be found in our Troubleshooting Knowledgebase section.

Your Stack dealer will be happy to assist you further.


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