Stack’s new range of Digital Video-Loggers (DVLs) can record not only high quality video with up to four bullet camera inputs but data too!

Stack's PRO-4 DVRStack DVLs can be connected directly to any Stack Dash Display or data logging system by CAN Bus.

Up to 128 channels of data, including GPS and the internal 3-axis g-sensor channels, can be recorded with the video and audio.

The recorded MPEG2 video can be played back directly on a DVD player or any PC media player.

Click to enlargeAdditionally the video and data can be viewed and analysed in the supplied Stack DataPro Analysis software.

The user can compare two laps of data from different drivers, runs, cars, etc.

With the addition of side-by-side video recordings, and single frame-stepping through the data, now you can literally ‘see’ WHERE and WHY time between 2 driver/runs is gained or lost! An invauable tool in driver and vehicle development.


Further details: DVLs for Motorsport
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Stack is a leading supplier of solutions for Data Logging and instrumentation in Motorsport with over 25 years of proven experience and service.

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