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Do Stack offer sponsorship programmes?

At Stack we have a policy of not offering sponsorship. It's a question we are asked a lot. As a specialist manufacturer our efforts to support our customers are focused on providing the highest quality, optimally valued and most technologically advanced range of products. However, if you feel that you have an interesting and innovative approach to how you can help us to promote our products to the right markets and you would like to submit a detailed proposal, then our marketing department would be pleased to hear from you.

Where is Stack based?
Stack is a UK Company with the design and the production of our products based at our Headquarters just outside Oxford, England. We have a dedicated office based in North America staffed by Stack Personnel offering Sales & Support service to our American customers, as well as holding inventory. Furthermore, we operate a Global network of experienced Technical Agents and Instrument Distributors/Resellers to provide service to customers around the world.

Where can I buy Stack Products?
We are represented globally by a network of Dealers (including Technical Agents and Instrument Distributors/Resellers). Click here to find your nearest Dealer. If you cannot find a Dealer in your area, then please contact Stack directly or complete an enquiry form and we will be pleased to assist you.

Technical Agent, Instrument Distributor and Instrument Reseller explained.
A Technical Agent is trained in the use and support of the full Stack Product range. They will be able to assist you with sales of the full range of products, but will specialise in the supply and support of Stack Data Logging systems, which includes Video based products. Instrument Distributors are appointed to supply and support our range of Instruments and Dash Display products, and they will also carry a certain level of stock of popular models to ensure a swift delivery where possible. Instrument Resellers operate in the same way as Instrument Distributors, with the exception being that they do not hold any stock and will need to order your goods from the factory.

My Stack unit is faulty!
Our support home page explains our policy on equipment returns for servicing and repairs. You should be able to find the information you need here. You should then contact your dealer and discuss the fault with them. It may be something straightforward that they can help you with over the phone. However, if the goods require servicing or repair, your dealer will be able to advise on returning them to the factory. When returning any goods of value, you should always ensure that they are adequately packaged and insured for the journey.

How do I become a Stack Dealer?
If think your business would benefit from promoting and supplying Stack product and you'd like to enquire about becoming a Stack dealer simply contact Stack direct, either by phone, fax, email, or by completing an enquiry form. Also you can check out our list of existing dealers to see whether there is anyone else operating in your area.

What PC specifications do I need to run DataPro?
The system requirements for DataPro software can be viewed on our System Requirements page.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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