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Stack have launched a new revolutionary approach to data logging and display: MFD (Multi-Function Display) and MFR (Multi-Function Recorder). The fully upgradable systems with CLUBMAN, CLUBMAN-PLUS, SEMI-PRO and PRO option levels allow racers to choose their own entry point into the system, and then grow the system over the years.

The Clubman level systems is aimed squarely at the budget-conscious racer, the Clubman-Pro for more recording channels, the Semi Pro level for more advanced requirements while at the top end, the PRO system will exceed the most demanding needs of driver, team and car.

We believe that the MFD and MFR are quite simply the most flexible and best value systems on the market today.

Among the highlights are:

Many features as standard, many more ready for instant pin-code activation. The most flexible, the highest specification, the best value data-loggering solution you can buy today.


MFR - Multi-Function Recorder

Multi-Function Recorder (MFR) ModuleStack’s NEW data recording system consists of a single multi-function module containing hardware already installed to provide a wide variety of Data Logging functions. The module has the basic functions available out of the box.

The advanced functions can be made operational simply by PIN code activation making upgrading problem-free and convenient.

The STACK ST8956 multi-function system is available in 3 versions: Clubman, Semi-Pro, Pro. The “Clubman” is perfect for the novice, the “Semi pro” system for more advanced requirements and the “pro” system for extensive measuring tasks.

The system can be used in conjunction with Stack’s slimline LCD display (ST8850).

MFR Options

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MFD - Multi-Function Data-Logger


Multi-Function Data-LoggerStack's Multi-Function Display system is the most flexible, highest specification, lowest priced Dash-Logger available!

It combines the proven benefits of integrated STACK Display systems with the latest STACK Multi-Function Technology.

A clear to read display system with fast, accurate analog dial face and the clear, back-lit LCD display forms the base system; the hardware capabilities are already built-in awaiting PIN code activation.

MFD Options


Data Recording Options
Number of recording channels
Maximum Sample Rate (Hz)
Individual sample rate on each channel
Total Recorder samples per second
No of channels @ max. sampling rate
Standard memory size (MB)

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NEW 2011

Synchonized Video-Logging with Stack's DVLs

Stack’s new range of Digital Video-Loggers (DVLs) can record not only high quality video with up to four bullet camera inputs but data too!

Stack's PRO-4 DVRStack DVLs can be connected directly by CAN Bus to any Stack Dash Display or Data logging system (such as the MFR or MFD above) .

Up to 128 channels of data, including GPS and the internal 3-axis g-sensor channels, can be recorded with the video and audio - at an individual record rate of 1-500Hz.

The recorded MPEG2 file can be played back directly on a DVD player or any PC media player.

More details on Stack's Digital Video-Loggers


NEW 2011

Expansion Options
MF and MF2 Interface Modules

MF & MF2. Multi-Function Interface Expansion Modules.
Used in conjunction with Stack’s Multi-Function Recorder, Multi-Function Displays and Digital Video Recorder, the Multi-Function Interface Expansion modules allow for the easy provision of additional inputs giving the flexibility to suit even the most complex applications.


Frequently Asked Questions
Further information can be found in our Troubleshooting Knowledgebase section.

Your Stack dealer will be happy to assist you further.


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Download MFD leaflet.  Click here.

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