Stack's Patented Predicted Lap Timing Display

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Best previous lap time shows the fastest previous lap time.
Running lap time shows the current lap running time
Predictive lap time shows the current prediction of the next lap time
Performance meter showing graphically the time difference between the ‘current’ and ‘best previous’ lap.

This system continuously calculates how long it has taken to get to the current position on the lap and, based on the best previous lap, it already "knows" the driver's best time from this point to complete the lap. The combination of the two times provides the predicted lap time.

This amazing system sets a new standard in real time driver display technology - providing information drivers have only ever previously dreamt of...

During a race this system can help the driver run at a consistent pace and in qualifying can instantly show if a mistake, or back marker, has spoilt a flying lap. For practice the system can also be used to quickly work out the quickest times and the fastest way around back markers.



Frequently Asked Questions

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