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Optimum tyre temperature and pressure is critical for performance driving. Stack's TPMS Lite & Pro systems deliver the tyre data you need in greater detail and accuracy, and with more consistency than any other system on the market.

Dynamic tyre pressure and temperature monitoring (with alarm warnings) while out on the track is displayed via a 52mm LED display gauge (TPMS Lite as standard - available as an option with TPMS Pro).

High-speed CAN bus output of temperature and pressure means easy integration with existing displays and any standard Data Logging system including Stack's own DataPro5.

Viewing the data in a data analysis application gives engineers a clear visual representation of tyre behavior in parallel with other recorded parameters throughout a run. Using the temperature and pressure data from the garage, on the track and at the end of a run reveals the performance envelope of the tyres - a significant advantage in determining tyre strategies to boost performance.

In the example below, we see how temperature and pressure data from the four wheels correspond to the vehicle's speed and position on the track. The screens show show a typical race duration showing tyre temperatures steadily building with corresponding rise in pressures.

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Our thanks to AP Racing's Nic Olson for giving us permission to reproduce the data on this page. His self-installed system is a Stack TPMS Lite running on a Lotus Esprit. The data was captured at 1Hz resolution.


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