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Specifically designed for the first time Data Logging system user...


ST8102S records:

Parameters: - Onboard Sensors :



Which Dash-Logger Is Right for Me?

The ST8102S/SP systems are specifically designed for the first time Data Logging system user.

These systems include all sensors & harnesses and are pre-configured to suit most popular requirements.

These dash logger systems are supplied with the full version of our DataPro professional analysis software that offers features such as Track Mapping that helps the user to navigate through the data by providing an on-screen reference between the data trace and track position. This software graphs all parameters against track position to make comparative analysis simple.

The unique "Timeline" feature is an unbeatable analysis tool for clearly showing where a driver - or vehicle set up - gains or loses time against any other lap. This feature can be used to compare drivers, set ups or vehicles.

By recording the engine parameters the system can indicate potential problems before there is an actual failure and, should a failure occur, can be used to quickly diagnose the cause.

This system has the same features as the standard ST8102S Driver System and also includes the " Predictive Lap Timing" and "Corner and Straight Speed Readout" features.

System architecture
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Entry-level dash loggers... Most competitively priced Stack Data-loggers ever! Unbeatable combination of value for money, reliability and ease-of-use with powerful yet simple professional data analysis software included as standard.


System architecture

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More Channels?
Looking for more channels or configurability from your ST8102?

We currently have an upgrade solution that will allow you to use your ST8102 with the existing harness. See our configurable upgrade page for more information.

Alternatively for a full upgrade solution see our range of ST8802S/SP systems.



  ST8112S/SP ST8102S/SP
Pre-Configure Sensor Inputs 8+RPM* 6+ RPM
Pulse Sensor Inputs - Configurable - -
0-5Volt Sensor Inputs - Configurable - -
Universal - Configurable - -
Internal channels, Lateral G -
Internal channels, Long & Vert G Option  
Battery Voltage
Lap Timing
Control Switch Inputs & Outputs 3+2 3+2
Wheel Speed 1
Second Wheel Speed** Option -
Infra-Red Lap Timing System
Lateral-G Accelerometer (internal) External
Longitudinal G Accelerometer (internal) Option -
Vertical G Accelerometer (internal) Option -
Water Temperature
Oil Temperature
Oil Pressure
Fuel Pressure
Throttle Position Option -
Brake Pressure Option -
Analogue Tachometer
Multi-parameter LCD Display
Lap time readout
Adjustable Alarms
Peak Value Tell-Tales
Shift Light - Internal
Shift Light - External Option Option
5-Stage Sequential Shift Light Option Option
Configurable Display Layout - -
Configurable Alarms Menu Menu
Predictive Lap Time Display "SP" Only "SP" Only
Performance Meter Display "SP" Only "SP" Only
Brake Bias & Alarm Readout - -

* Direct ignition (coil & points) connection MUST purchase ST493. This is not needed for dedicated rpm outputs e.g. ECU outputs.



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