Stack Multi-Function Recorder -
MFR System

Stack have launched the Multi-Function Recorder (MFR), a single module data logging solution. The feature-rich system offers unrivalled specification:

The single box system incorporates the hardware capabilities for powerful upgrades already built-in awaiting simple, fast activation by PIN code:

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Engineering Data Logging Systems

Designed for professional teams these systems are fully configurable and provide unrivaled versatility and performance.

Key Features

The Stack Engineering Systems are configurable data logging systems that offer the very best combination of professional Data Logging hardware and software, packaged to be easy to use.

More about Stack's Modular Engineering Systems

Available as a Stand Alone system (ST895x) or as a dash expansion system (ST890x) - that can be connected onto any Stack Dash Display system - these systems can record up to 64 sensor channels (plus additional ecu channels) and offer the Professional Race Engineer unrivalled capability and flexibility.

These Data Logging systems are built up from a range of standard hardware modules that can be easily and quickly configured to suit any application using our DataPro Designer software. Because the systems are modular, additional capability can be simply added by purchasing additional modules.

DataPro Data Analysis Software provides comprehensive analysis capability, calculation of derived channels from recorded data, and enables the analysis and comparison of data between systems of various configurations and sizes.

Engineering Expansion Systems

The ST8900 Configurable Data Logging Systems are designed as expansion logging systems for Stack ST700 and ST800 Display Systems. The Data Logging system connects to the Display System via a CANBus network, and can record any or all of the parameters being monitored by the Display System.

Up to 40 additional sensors can be recorded using Input Expansion Modules (“E” Modules). Each “E” Module can record up to 8 universal inputs and a system can comprise of 1 to 5 “E” Modules.

Data is recorded using a Recorder module (“R” Module). The Recorder Module is available in a number of specifications to suit different Applications and requirements.


‘DS’ modules - Sensor Interface & Display Modules
E moduleAll ‘Stand-alone’ Engineering Systems include a ‘DS’ (or a ‘DSR’) Module. This module has an engine RPM input, 2 pulse inputs for wheel speeds or our low frequency DSP sensors such as boost pressure, and 5 universal inputs (0-5Volts, 330 Ohms, 3K3 Ohms or any Stack DSP sensor). It also has a lap timer input and 3 switch inputs/outputs for recording control/status and driver alarms.

The ‘DS’ Module also has outputs to drive an optional configurable LCD driver display and up to 2 analog dials for RPM and Boost, together with a further 8 switch inputs/outputs for display control and driver alarms.


“E” Modules - Input Expansion Modules
E moduleA system can support up to 5 Input Expansion modules, which can be distributed anywhere on the vehicle, and connected together through Stack’s proprietary CANBus data network. By placing the Input Expansion modules in different parts of the vehicle close to the components to be monitored e.g. one at each corner, the sensor harness lengths are minimised and simplified.

Each Expansion module has 8 universal sensor inputs. Each input can be configured individually to accept any standard sensor or sensor interface from the Stack range, or to directly measure 0-5 volts, 0-333 Ohms inputs, or a pulse frequency up to 40kHz. Each input can be sampled at up to 200Hz.

When used with Stack’s range of ‘digital’ sensors and sensor interfaces, any sensor input can be configured to enable fast-changing parameters to be recorded slowly, by measuring the average parameter value throughout the sampling period, e.g. suspension movement with a maximum frequency response of 1kHz can be recorded at, say, 10Hz for pitch and roll measurement, to extend the recording time and reduce the memory usage.


“R” modules - Data Recording Modules
R moduleDepending on the configuration, the Recorder Module can record from 20 up to 128 channels of data through the Stack CANBus data network. These channels can originate either from the Stack dash system or from any “E” Module connected into the system.

The Recorder can be configured to record each channel individually from a sampling frequency of 1Hz up to between 50Hz and 200Hz (depending on the configuration of the “R” Module). The “R” Module can record up to a total of 8000 samples/sec.

The standard Recorder Module memory capacities are 2 MBytes, 4 Mbytes and 8 Mbytes (but can be expanded to up to 64 MBytes). The data is transferred from the Recorder Module to a PC via the 1Mbits/sec Stack CANBus network, using the PC parallel port.


‘ER’ & ‘DSR’ modules - Sensor Interface & Recorder Modules
ER moduleThe “ER” Module integrates full “E” Module functionality with data logging capability.
This module provides 0.5 Mbytes of solid state memory and records up to 20 channels at 50Hz sampling frequency per channel.

Although this module can record data from other “E” Modules it is most often used as a single module system.


Custom Engineering
Many of our customer's applications have individual and unique requirements. Stack offers a custom engineering capability to provide cost effective custom system solutions. The following are just some examples of custom solutions that we can offer - please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Control Capability




Data storage and retrieval


System capability


Sensor interfacing






ST8900 "Engineering Systems" Expansion Data-Loggers
Engineering Expansion Systems
ST8909 32 Inputs, 45 Channel, 200Hz, 8MB Engineering System
ST8908 24 Inputs, 45 Channel, 200Hz, 8MB Engineering System
ST8907 16 Inputs, 45 Channel, 200Hz, 8MB Engineering System
ST8906 8 Inputs, 45 Channel, 200Hz, 8MB Engineering System
ST8903 8 Inputs, 20 Channel, 50Hz, 512KB Engineering System
ST8902 0 Inputs, 30 Channel, 200Hz, 8MB Engineering System

Displays for Engineering Systems
Configurable Integrated Dial/Display for Engineering Systems
(Requires DataPro V3 or above)
ST8900 45 Channel, 9 Inputs Configurable Dial/Display System
ST8910G 45 Channel, 9 Inputs Configurable Dial/Display System with CAN Gateway Interface & Internal Lat-G sensor (Requires DataPro V4 - not included)
ST89YY-PIN Enable internal Longitudinal and Vertical G sensors (ST8910G only)
ST8999-PIN Max' Display Upgrade to provide Performance Meter, Predictive Lap Timing, & Brake Bias Displays
Configurable "Slim Line" Dash Display for Engineering Systems (Requires DataPro V3 or above) 
ST8950T 45 Channel, 9 Inputs Configurable LCD Display System with Telemetry Interface
ST8950 45 Channel, 9 Inputs Configurable LCD Display System
ST8999-PIN 'Max' Display Upgrade for Performance Meter, Predictive Lap Timing, & Brake Bias Displays
ST628 Boost Gauge Dial Module
ST629 Tachometer Dial Module

Other Expansion Modules for Engineering Systems
CAN Gateway Modules for Engineering Systems
(Requires DataPro V3 or above)
ST901171 Bosch MS3 CAN Gateway
ST901187 Porsche GT3 CAN Gateway
ST901200 J-1939 CAN Gateway module
Sensor Interface Modules for Engineering Systems
(Requires DataPro V3 or above)
ST8891 8 Universal Input 'E1' Expansion for ST8802S/SP, ST8812S, ST8851S, ST8852SP, ST8952S, ST8853S) (Includes sensor harness)
ST8992 8 Universal Input 'E2' Expansion Module & Sensor harness (upgrades ST8906 to ST8907)
Telemetry Interface Modules for Engineering Systems
(Requires DataPro V4)
ST8993 8 Universal Input 'E' Expansion Module with RS-232 Telemetry Interface & Sensor Harness
GPS Interface Modules for Engineering Systems
(Requires DataPro V4)
ST8994 8 Universal Input 'E' Expansion Module with 5Hz GPS (NMEA) Interface & Sensor Harness (Universal Inputs are sampled at up to 50Hz only)
ST995 5Hz GPS Receiver with NMEA Serial Interface

Environmental Specifications
Operating Voltage 8.0 to16.0 Volts
Reverse Voltage Protection +/- 30 Volts


Water ingress protection to IP68
Operating Temperature -20C to 80C
Storage Temperature -20C to 80C
Humidity Operating & Storage 0-100%
Vibration 12 Hr x 3 axis Sinusoidal Test, 20g 50Hz-2kHz
Fluid Exposure Fuel, Oil, Brake fluid, etc.
EMC Radiated Emissions EMC Radiated Immunity
EN55024B CISPR25
50 V/m
EMC Conducted Immunity to DIN40839 Cat IV
Memory Life Guaranteed memory retention time >5 Years


System Architecture


Frequently Asked Questions


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