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Data Pro Analysis Software - The fastest and easiest to use professional motorsport data analysis software.
Data Pro Analysis Software - The fastest and easiest to use professional motorsport data analysis software.

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CAN Gateway Template Editor

Click to enlargeStack Multi-Function modules are able to record and display CAN bus data generated by an ECU. This mechanism is achieved through the module’s Gateway function. The user may configure this Gateway function with Stack DataPro Designer software.

The Stack Gateway Template Editor application provides the user with the ability to create and edit these ECU Gateway templates for selection within Data Pro's Designer.

The application includes a comprehensive User Guide which may also be downloaded here.

Stack DataPro users should upgrade to the latest version to enjoy this new feature.


3rd party CAN interface option
Stack's 3rd party CAN interface option (ST8339) consists of the CAN Gateway Template Editor tool for the PC (see above), a wiring adapter to allow a DVL or DVR to be connected to the CAN Hi and CAN Lo outputs of the CAN device, as well as an authorisation PIN code.

This allows the DVL/DVR to be connected to a wide range of devices including Engine Control Unit (ECU) modules, navigation modules and specialist sensors outputting in CAN format. Data from the CAN device can then be captured by the DVR and used for video data overlay and / or metadata recording.

With the metadata recording option, video and data can then be accessed in Stack's DataPro analysis software. It provides a single box solution for customers wishing to record video, audio, internal accelerometer, GPS and CAN data to a single Compact Flash (CF) memory card.


Pre-configured Protocols
A number of pre-configured master files matching popular protocols are available for use with the Stack Gateway Template Editor. These are made available for the convenience of customers. We hope to add further master files/protocols over time, please contact us for details.

Currently available engine management systems (ECU) supported:



Stack DataPro5 Downloads
Stack's DataPro or its upgrades aren't openly available via this website. If you are a DataPro customer, please contact us for details.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What PC specifications do I need to run DataPro?
A. The system requirements for DataPro software can be viewed on our System Requirements page.


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