ST8916 Stack MFD -
Multi-Function Dash Display

A fully configurable, clear to read display system with fast, accurate analog dial face and the clear, back-lit LCD display forms the base system with integrated datalogging capability.


ST8916 multi-function display system


The ST8916 Multi-Function Display system combines the proven benefits of integrated STACK Display systems with the latest STACK Multi-Function Technology.

Key Features


The Stack MFD comes standard with 14 inputs (enough to handle most drivetrain and driver input data streams) and can be expanded to monitor up to 45 channels for more advanced users. System includes internal voltage channel, 3 +/- 6g internal accelerometers, and lap sensor channel standard as well as 4 Universal pulse (speed) / analog (0-5v) inputs and 6 standard analog (0-5v) inputs. Lap beacon receiver and wheel speed sensor standard, to enable engine RPM, wheelspeed, g-force data and track mapping out of the box.

Stack MFD’s have 32Mb of memory, and user selectable channel recording frequencies of up to 200Hz (200 samples per second) with 10 bit resolution (16 bit digital inputs optional), with a maximum system sample rate of 4000 samples per second for a total of 20 channels able to be recorded at maximum frequencies for extremely detailed data analysis.

Optional system upgrades include:


Data Logging



Predictive Lap Timing
Predictive Lap TimingThe Stack Predictive Lap Time System sets a new standard in real time driver display technology, providing drivers a constantly updated, highly accurate prediction of their next lap time based on current preformance!

This system continuously calculates how long it has taken to get to the current position on the lap and, based on the best previous lap, it already "knows" the driver's best time from this point to complete the lap. The combination of the two times provides the predicted lap time.


DataPro Analysis Software
DataProDataPro Designer Software (part of the system package) facilitates easy “Drag-and-drop” configuration of all elements of the Data Logging system. Simply select your Driver Display System and Engineering System from the drop down lists provided, and set-up each module to meet your project’s specific requirements.

Stack’s signature DataPro software is included with each MFD system and includes a host of easy to use data analysis features listed below:

Upgrade your DataPro Standard software to DataPro Professional and gain access to unlimited Maths and Rainbow maps for the ultimate in data analysis tools.



All gauges come complete with wiring harness and associated sensor (except for fuel level gauge). System includes wiring harness, lap time receiver, speed sensor, USB interface and DataPro software.



Multi-Function Data Acquisition Dash Display

Item Number Description
ST8916S-A 14 Input MFD, Logger, Black Dial, 0-8k RPM
ST8916S-B 14 Input MFD, Logger, White Dial, 0-8k RPM
ST8916S-C 14 Input MFD, Logger, Black Dial, 0-3-8k RPM
ST8916S-D 14 Input MFD, Logger, White Dial, 0-3-8k RPM
ST8916S-E 14 Input MFD, Logger, Black Dial, 0-3-8k RPM (Inverted)
ST8916S-F 14 Input MFD, Logger, Black Dial, 0-4-10k RPM
ST8916S-G 14 Input MFD, Logger, Black Dial, 0-4-10k RPM (Inverted)
ST8916S-H 14 Input MFD, Logger, Blk, 0-3-10.5k RPM
ST8916S-i 14 Input MFD, Logger, White Dial, 0-3-10.5k RPM
ST8916S-P 14 Input MFD, Logger, Black Dial, 0-6-13k RPM
ST8916S-Q 14 Input MFD, Logger, White Dial, 0-3-10.5k RPM
ST8916S-R 14 Input MFD, Logger, Black Dial, 0-6-13k RPM (Inverted)

System Expansion

Multi-Function Sensor Input Expansion Modules

Item Number Description
ST8933 10 Input MF Expansion Kit. (Incl. Module, sensor harness)
ST8934 20 Input MF2 Expansion Kit. (Incl. Module, 2 sensor harnesses)

Sensors for Configurable Data Acquisition Systems

Temperature Sensors (0-5V), Analogue

Item Number Description
ST657 0C to +200C K-Type Thermocouple Interface with 0-5V output
ST658 0C to +1100C K-Type Thermocouple Interface with 0-5V output
ST269557 4 Channel 0C to +1100C K-Type Thermocouple Interface with 0-5V output
ST991 -20 to 150 deg C Fluid Temperature Sensor (M6x1)
ST269547 Fluid Temperature Sensor, 150C / 300F (1/8 NPTF Male)
ST269516 Exhaust Gas Temperature Two Sensor Kit, Exposed Tip Thermocouple
ST269517 Exhaust Gas Temperature Eight Sensor Kit, Exposed Tip Thermocouple
ST269518 Exhaust Gas Temperature Eight Sensor Kit, Armored Tip Thermocouple
ST269519 Air Inlet Temperature Sensor, Thermocouple
ST269520 Cylinder Head Temperature Sensor, Thermocouple

Pressure Sensors (0-5V), Analogue

Item Number Description
ST269546 Vacuum Sensor, 30 inHg
ST453 0-3.5 Bar Absolute Pressure Sensor with Low Freq DSP Interface (1.5% FS Total Error Band over -20C to +80C) 1/8NPT Pressure Fitting (e.g. Boost)
ST740 0 to 3.5 bar/ 50 psi boost sensor (1/8 NPTF)
ST269535 1 bar / 15 psi pressure sensor, solid state (1/8 NPTF)
ST269567 2 bar / 30 psi pressure sensor, solid state (1/8 NPTF)
ST269559 4 bar / 60 psi pressure sensor, solid state (1/8 NPTF)
ST269536 6.9 bar / 100 psi pressure sensor, solid state (1/8 NPTF)
ST747-1/8NPTF 10 bar / 150 psi pressure sensor, solid state (1/8 NPTF)
ST269537 17 bar / 250 psi pressure sensor, solid state (1/8 NPTF)
ST269538 34 bar / 500 psi pressure sensor, solid state (1/8 NPTF)
ST749 100 bar / 1500 PSI pressure sensor, solid state (1/8 NPTF)
ST269539 110 bar / 1600 psi pressure sensor, solid state (1/8 NPTF)
ST269540 206 bar / 3000 psi pressure sensor, solid state (1/8 NPTF)

Lambda Sensors

Item Number Description
ST994 Wideband Lambda Sensor & Interface 0-5V, 1 Channel
ST996 Wideband Lambda Sensor & Interface 0-5V, 2 Channel
ST269523 Wideband Lamda Sensor & 0-5v Interface, 8 Channel

Pulse / Frequency Sensors (Digital Input)

Item Number Description
ST492 Pulse Amplifier (e.g. Gearbox Sensor Amplifier)
ST493 RPM Coil Connection Interface for MFD/MFR/MF
ST670 Proximity Speed Sensor (e.g. Wheelspeed)
ST269510 Engine RPM Sensor
ST269511 Driveshaft RPM Sensor Kit, 1.875" (47.6mm), Standard Ford 9"
ST269512 Driveshaft RPM Sensor Kit, 2.187" (55.5mm), Large Ford 9"
ST269513 Driveshaft RPM Sensor Kit, Universal
ST269514 Input Shaft RPM Sensor, Lenco Transmission
ST269515 Wheel Speed Sensor, Magnetic
ST269531 RPM Sensor, Magnetic, 5/16"-24 x 1.5
ST269532 RPM Sensor, Magnetic, 3/8"-24 x 1.5
ST269533 RPM Sensor, Magnetic, 3/8"-24 x 0.620
ST269589 GPS Ground Speed Module & Antenna, 10Hz, Pulse Output

Displacement Sensors, (0-5V), Analogue

Item Number Description
ST972 Linear Potentiometer 50mm/2" (e.g. Suspension)
ST973 Linear Potentiometer 100mm/4" (e.g. Suspension)
ST977 Linear Potentiometer 150mm/6" (e.g. Suspension)
ST974 Linear Potentiometer 200mm/8" (e.g. Suspension)
ST976 300mm/12" String Potentiometer (0-5V output)
ST978 Rotary Potentiometer 360Deg (e.g.Steering)
ST979 Rotary Potentiometer Sensor 120Deg (e.g. pedal angle)

Force/Acceleration Sensors (0-5V), Analogue

Item Number Description
ST791 +/- 5g Accelerometer with 5Hz 5-pole Butterworth Low-pass Filter

Sensor Fittings

Item Number Description
ST154003 1/8NPTF to M10 adaptor
ST154006 1/8NPTF to 1/8BSPT adaptor
ST154012 M6x1 to M10x1 adaptor
ST154013 M6x1 to 1/8NPTF adaptor
ST154015 1/8BSP to M10x1 adaptor
ST154016 1/8BSP to 1/8NPTF adaptor
ST269385 Compression Fitting, Exhaust Gas Temperature
ST269386 1/8" NPT Weld Fitting, Exhaust Gas Temperature
ST269553 Weld Fitting, Wideband Lambda Sensor

Accessories, Wiring and Spares for Data Acquisition Systems

Input Options

Item Number Description
ST918083 CAN ECU interface adaptor harness
ST918128 GPS interface adaptor harness
ST995 5Hz GPS Receiver with NMEA Serial Interface*
*Requires ST918128 GPS interface adaptor harness

Display Options

Item Number Description
ST539 5 Stage Sequential Shift Light Module
ST532 Dash Top Shift Light AMBER*
ST533 Dash Top Shift Light WHITE*
ST534 Dash Top Shift Light RED*
ST536 Panel Mount Shift Light WHITE*
ST537 Panel Mount Shift Light RED*
ST538 Panel Mount Shift Light AMBER*
ST918081 Adaptor Harness - MSS Receptacle to Spade Terminal for Shift Light
*Requires ST918081 Adaptor Harness

Lap Timing System

Item Number Description
ST543 Infrared Lap Timing System receiver only
ST544 Infrared Lap Timing System trackside beacon only
ST546 Infrared Lap Timing System receiver & beacon


Item Number Description
ST872-925 Loom for ST8916 & ST8910 Dash Display module
ST884 Extender harness Kit (2x0.7m;2x1.4m;1x2.1m)
ST875-202 Sensor Interface harness for ST8956S/ST8957S MFR module (4 digital, 6 analog, laptime and control)
ST875-402 2nd Sensor Interface harness for ST8957S MFR module (4 digital, 6 analog)
ST877 Network Starter Harness for MFD/MF(R)/DVL (1x MSS Plug; 1x MSS Receptacle; 1x MIL plug; Jack Socket)
ST889 Network Expansion Harness (terminated) (1x MSS Receptacle; 3x MIL Plug; 1x MSS Plug)
ST888 Network Extension Harness 1.5m (unterminated) (1x MIL Plug; 1x MIL Socket)
ST918078 Power lead for network harness
ST8991 CAN-USB Data Download Cable
ST918020 Sensor Extension Harness - 0.7m
ST918021 Sensor Extension Harness - 1.4m
ST918022 Sensor Extension Harness - 2.1m
ST269527 Sensor Extension Harness - 2.4m / 8 ft
ST269528 Sensor Extension Harness - 3.0m / 10 ft
ST918037 Spade Terminal to MSS Adaptor Harness 0.4m
ST918009 Adaptor Harness - Spade Terminal to MSS (1.4m)
ST918040 Adaptor Harness - ST670 to RPM (ST670 not included)
ST163021 19 Way Mil Connector-Crimp (Harness Side)
ST581 5 off SureSeal Plug (Male) Kit
ST582 5 off SureSeal Receptical (Female) Kit
ST510 2 Switch kit
ST511 3 Switch kit
ST514 4 Switch kit


Item Number Description
ST269551 Two Channel Lambda Controller Interface, Replacement Module for ST996
ST269554 Type K Thermocouple, Cylinder Head, Spark Plug Probe
ST269362 Magnet Kit, (qty. 2 rare earth magnets for RPM Sensor)
ST269329 Replacement Closed Tip Type K Thermocouple, Exhaust Gas Temperature, Right Angle
ST269382 Type K Thermocouple Connectors (Set of 4)
ST269384 Replacement Open Tip Type K Thermocouple, Exhaust Gas Temperature, Right Angle
ST269387 Driveshaft Collar, 4 Magnet, 1.875" (47.6mm) ID
ST269388 Driveshaft Collar, 4 Magnet, 2.187" (55.5mm) ID
ST269389 Driveshaft Collar, 4 Magnet, Universal (machine to fit)
ST269552 Replacement Wide Band Lambda Sensor for ST994/ST996
ST269581 Mounting Bracket for Driveshaft Sensor





Frequently Asked Questions


Why do Stack instruments still have analogue displays?


Stack believe that an analogue display is still superior in imparting some data quickly and accurately. The human brain can process information from analog displays far quicker than digital displays. An analogue display can tell you at a glance WHERE a value is, a digital display can only tell you WHAT the value is. This is why they are still used in cars and aircraft, even though the underlying information feed is more often than not digital.

Stack do include digital displays in our intelligent tachometers and in our dash displays where information is simultaneously displayed on a large character LCD readout. In the end, user preference is key.

Further information can be found in our Troubleshooting Knowledgebase and FAQ sections.

Your Stack dealer will be happy to assist you further.

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