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Stack is a world-leading supplier of dashboard instruments, Data Logging, TPMS and rugged, harsh environment video systems to motorsport and automotive customers worldwide.


Stack DVRs for Motorsport

Stack’s new range of Digital Video-Loggers (DVLs) can be used as a conventional DVR to record video and audio. They can also record data as well as video, in one compact unit, for the ultimate in Synchronized Video-Logging! Stack DVLs can be connected directly to any Dash Display or Data logging system by CAN Bus (excludes ST700).

There are two models to choose from: PRO-4, and CLUBMAN-3, with options such as 3 or 4 camera inputs, higher bit-rate options for broadcast quality recordings, completely sealed units, extended operating temperature ranges, and extended recording capacity.

Stack DVLs feature a rugged machined aluminium housing specifically designed and manufactured to protect the unit in harsh and extreme environments. The unit is compact and durable with no moving parts (other than the sealed CF card access door), and is capable of operating where normal VCRs or DV recorders are not.

Stack DVLs for Motorsport

Stack TPMS for Motorsport

Click for details on: Stack Batteryless TPMS: Special commendation at World Motorsport Symposium 2011.
“...exceptionally innovative technology developed in the UK
 by a well-regarded company”

A proven performance enhancer! The right tyre pressures deliver consistent performance advantages in all levels of motorsport.

Stack’s Batteryless TPMS System completely redefines tyre pressure monitoring in motorsport. Based on patented SAW sensor technology, the problems associated with mounting batteries and complicated electronics in sensors on wheels have at last been completely eliminated. No battery or sensor electronics means unrivalled reliability with no user maintenance required during full service life - significantly lowering running costs.

Stack TPMS for Motorsport



User-configurable minimum and maximum alarms can be set, with one of seven different colours assigned to each. As soon as an alarm level is exceeded, the full dialface changes colour. If the level exceeds the alarm by more than 10%, the dialface flashes rapidly to further alert the driver.

Stack has added to its range of uniquely powerful street and performance tachometers and gauges - built without compromising on reliability and performance but a price to suit every pocket.

Stack's Pro-Control Stepper Motor Analogue gauges augment the successful auxiliary gauge range bringing greater functionality and control together with reliability and accuracy.

White and Silver dial face options have also been introduced to a number of the existing Professional Stepper Motor Gauges, Electric and Mechanical Gauges.

Recently, Stack introduced MFD (Multi-Function Display) and MFR (Multi-Function Recorder) systems. Fully upgradable with option levels allowing racers to choose their own entry point into the system, and then grow the system over the years.


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This is Stack Motorsport...
Stack is a leading global supplier of Instrumentation, Data Logging and Video-Logging solutions including our new MFR (Multi-function Recorder) and MFD (Multi-Function Display), tachometers, (stand-alone or integrated) modular Data Logging systems, and powerful, easy-to-use DataPro analysis software.

For over 30 years, Stack has been the world leader in motorsport dashboard and data logging technology. It is our philosophy to lead the way in using new technologies in innovative ways to provide our customers with better products.

It is our policy to incorporate our latest technologies into all our product ranges - not just making them available to top level motorsport.

Motorsport Industry Association (MIA)Stack won the prestigious Export Achievement Award at the recent Motorsport Industry Association (MIA), recognizing its continuing success in selling to markets overseas.

The award singles out Stack for outstanding sales performance beyond the UK domestic market, supplying customers in over 30 countries across the World. Despite being based in the heart of the UK’s Motorsport Valley, the company has always sought markets overseas.

Product lines include: a range of DVLs for Motorsport, TPMS, MFR, MFD, Tachometers, ST700 Dash Display, Auxiliary Gauges, Pro-Control and Pro-CAN gauges, ST8130 Street Dash Systems, and the ST8600 Steering Wheel Display

You can buy Stack products from distributors around the world but please contact us if you have any questions about our range of Motorsport products.

Please visit either our New Products page, or for an overview of our product range view the Products - at - a - glance page.


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Stack Heritage

Over the last more than two and a half decades, we are proud to have supplied 1,000's of competitors, and virtually all of the top teams and constructors:


Caterham Motorsport

Stack is a sponsor of Caterham Motorsport's UK and European race series, supplying dash displays.

Stack's integrated instrumentation dash display was also Caterham's choice for both its R300 and R500 cars.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Further information can be found in our Troubleshooting Knowledgebase and FAQ sections.

Your Stack dealer will be happy to assist you further.


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Stack is proud to be a member of the Motorsport Industry Association (MIA)

The Motorsport Industry Association (MIA) is the leading trade association for Motorsport’s high performance engineering and services industry and represents the specialised needs of this highly successful British based industry.

and the Motor Sports Association

The Motorsport Industry Association (MIA) is the leading trade association for Motorsport’s high performance engineering and services industry and represents the specialised needs of this highly successful British based industry.


Stack is also proud to to be a member of the Motorsport 100

The Motorsport Industry Association (MIA) is the leading trade association for Motorsport's high performance engineering and services industry and represents the specialised needs of this highly successful British based industry.




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Stack is a leading supplier of solutions for Data Logging and instrumentation in Motorsport with over 25 years of proven experience and service.

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