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Data Pro Analysis Software - The fastest and easiest to use professional motorsport data analysis software.
Data Pro Analysis Software - The fastest and easiest to use professional motorsport data analysis software

Key Features - Charts

Charts are the main tools used for detailed analysis of vehicle and driver performance. For parameters such as speed, throttle and time, small variations between runs can be identified and the reasons for a performance difference accurately established.

Timeline Analysis
Stack timeline analysisThe Timeline Analysis clearly shows where and how much time is gained (or lost) between two laps. Gradient of timeline shows relative time change over the lap distance. A downward gradient shows the current lap is faster, an upward gradient that the reference lap is faster, and where the gradient is flat the two laps are identical.


Rolling Lap Times
Stack lap zoom histogramThe Rolling Lap Time provides a virtual rolling lap time for a whole run. Allows the user to establish actual fastest lap pace, optimum number of laps for a set of tyres, obtain meaningful time data from an in lap and measure driver consistency.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What PC specifications do I need to run DataPro?
A. The system requirements for DataPro software can be viewed on our System Requirements page.


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